Specialized Teams Ensuring Success

By: Annie Beard
Associate, ImPRessions Internal Account

The ImPRessions College Book Store account is getting creative on getting work done. They have come up with a new, easy way to be highly productive in a small amount of time. Want in on their secret?

They divide their account up into four separate groups that work on projects specific to their expertise. The four groups inside the CBS account are the design team, the writing team, the social media team, and the research team. They are all vital to the success of the account, and all work together in finishing projects.

Each team within the account has specific roles and jobs they must achieve.  For example, the design team creates flyers, ads, and posters promoting events or sales that the College Book Store has going on. They did a lot to promote their Homecoming Weekend event, “Homecoming for the Homeless.”

The writing team creates press releases including things such as sales increases, CBS’s involvement in the community, and other topics along those lines.

The social media team really focuses on the CBS account’s Twitter and Facebook pages. They have recently been working on increasing friends and followers on both of these social media sites.

The research team is working on market research. For example, what do students want from College Book Store? Or what would make it easier to rent/ buy from CBS?  Where else do students rent their books?

As you can see, breaking up into groups inside an account makes it easier to get more done. Alaina Martini, the CBS secretary said that, “We can accomplish many things at one time by delegating tasks to each group.”

They are all working towards the same goal of promoting their account, the College Book Store, while saving time. They use the weekly meetings to sit down and put all of their work together. Martini also said, “At the meetings all the groups fill each other in on what they have been doing. This is helpful because if someone on the writing team has a design idea, we can share it then.”

This is a technique that other accounts within ImPRessions could use, also. It is a genius way to keep your account ahead of the game, while learning everything you need to know about the PR world!

May associate of the month

By Rebecca Reif                                                                                                                                                                             Associate, ImPRessions account

Looking to supplement her classroom learning with some hands-on experience in the public relations field, sophomore Kate Willse found that joining ImPRessions was a great way to make this happen. Willse, a public relations major and a business minor, heard about ImPRessions during a PRSSA meeting her freshman year.

“I thought joining ImPRessions would help me gain knowledge as to how public relations is incorporated into a business or organization. I wanted to get the opportunity to expand my skills and work with other people in the PR field,” Willse said.

Willse currently works as an account associate for the College Green Magazine account with ImPRessions. She said that her experience as an account associate has helped her learn more about how PR campaigns work, as well as expand her credentials as a public relations professional.

“Being an account associate has taught me that failing is not always a negative thing. You can work for weeks on a campaign only to find that it is not successful, or that your client changes what they want. I have learned that this is okay. A true professional will use their failures as motivation to make their future work bigger and better,” Willse said.

In addition to her involvement with ImPRessions, Willse is currently the Executive Vice Chair of the University Program Council and a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, reading and participating in 5k races. She will be interning with the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio next winter intersession, and would love to intern with a public relations firm before she graduates. Willse hopes to be the CEO of her own public relations firm someday.

“Gasland” event to facilitate relevant discussions

By Sydney Cologie                                                                                                                                                                        Associate, ImPRessions account


College Green Magazine, Ohio University’s student-run online publication, will host an event that is creating a lot of buzz around campus. On April 20, The Academy Award nominated director of “Gasland”, Josh Fox will visit our campus for a lecture titled “Ohio: The Next Gasland?” This event will be held in Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium at 8 p.m. and includes a screening of the film and a Q&A session after with fox.

“Gasland” takes a look at the controversy surrounding Hydraulic Fracturing or “Fracking.” Fracking is the process of using millions of gallons of sand, water and chemicals under high pressure to extract natural gases letting them flow freely out of a well. It is suspected to cause illness, and some area residence claim that it made their tap water flammable.  The Ohio government is proposing that we use this new technology here on our state lands.

Sandi Combs the outreach coordinator and College Green Account executive said, “Fox’s documentary shows some shocking effects of fracking on water supplies, and we want members of the community to be informed about the practice and start talking about it. It is very important to us to generate discussion among those who are for, against and undecided about it.”

Fracturing is not only going on in Ohio but is hitting close to home by the governments proposal to allow drilling to be done is state parks in Southeastern Ohio. This will put the environment and public health at risk here in Athens. College Green has invited representatives from state and local government, oil and gas industries and environmental groups to stimulate a discussion that looks at all viewpoints in hopes of educating the community.

For more information on the event, check out the College Green Facebook page.

ImPRessions and College Green Magazine turn up the heat

By Sydney Cologie                                                                                                                                                                        Associate, ImPRessions account

The ImPRessions account aimed to raise awareness during the event by selling and displaying materials featuring the magazine's new logo.

ImPRessions and College Green Magazine heated things up Friday night at the Union. The team collaborated with the band First Street Heat to put on a fundraising event. The event took place on Jan. 28 at 9 p.m. and lasted well into the night.

The opening group, Dr. Beat and the Beat Offs, set the mood for the night right away with their funk rock vibe. After their performance First Street Heat took the stage. First Street Heat is a Funk/Hip-Hop/Pop group that is not only well known here in Athens, but puts on many shows in Florida.

The event was a great way to promote College Green and gain recognition of their new logo. As soon as you walked up the steps of the union you were greeted by a College Green member eager and willing to give information about the event and the organization. Flyers and stickers were being handed out and t-shirts were on sale.

There was also a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks available at the bar. The “Green” drinks were to help raise money for College Green.  Some of the drinks included Little Kings Beer, Rolling Rick Beer, and a mixed drink of apple pucker, vodka, and 7up. Overall it was an exciting night not only for the music fans but for College Green as well. There was an excellent turn out of people and College Green raised one hundred and fifty dollars for their account. College Green continues to develop projects and create awareness for the magazine.