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Summer Spotlight: Kathleen Marincic

August 11, 2014 1 Comment

By: Kathleen Marincic @KathMarincic

photo 1As all summers seem to go, this summer flew by. It feels like just weeks ago, my parents were down in Athens helping me pack up my old house to move it all into my new apartment and I had close to 4 months of freedom in front of me.

With the exception of it going too fast, this summer was by far one of the best! After being bedridden for almost a week straight after a slow and painful wisdom teeth removal process, I was on the go with family, friends, work and other summer fun activities.

Most of my time was dedicated to my internship with Cleveland’s iconic West Side Market through the Cleveland Foundation. There were 16 interns in the Cleveland Foundation’s program that were all placed at difference nonprofits throughout the City of Cleveland. We would get together once a week and visit a different organization to learn what our fellow interns were up to and to experience the world of Great Cleveland nonprofits.

I worked directly with the manager of the West Side Market and created content for their bi-monthly newsletter, updated their brand new website, oversaw their social media efforts and developed a social media packet for vendors to implement in their own social networks.

I got the chance to sell merchandise from one of the stands inside the Market and even climbed the metal-mesh staircase to the top of the 137-foot-tall clock tower (in wedges I might add).

photo 2Another highlight of my summer was a family vacation to the glorious beaches of Oak Island, North Carolina. 16 of my relatives plus a two-year-old and a 4-month-old baby shared a five bedroom house with the ocean as its back yard for a week straight. We even made t-shirts and tank tops with our family crest proudly displayed front and center (yes, we are THAT family)!

Besides spending the majority of our time on the beach, we traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina to visit some of the popular filming locations of One Tree Hill and rode a ferry over to Bald Head Island, where there are relatively few cars on the island as every resident drives a golf cart.

After a summer full of wonderful memories and new work experiences through my internship, I feel fully prepared to return to Athens and conquer my senior year of college.


An Entertaining Entertainment Internship

July 15, 2013 1 Comment

Receiving the opportunity to work at an entertainment agency this summer has opened my eyes to the entertainment industry and photo (1)I am now a dedicated fan of the Kardashians (I still don’t know if I am proud of this or not). I am interning in Cleveland with the Talent Group and their office is located right outside the city, and by right outside I mean I could walk four blocks and be in the heart of Cleveland.

It’s odd that I decided to take this internship because I have never had an interest in the entertainment industry. I’m not the typical girl that watches E! Network all the time, nor have I seen all of the must-see chick flicks (although, I do love a Nicholas Sparks movie).

In late spring, I landed this internship as a junior agent intern. My duties consist of answering phones, getting lunch and calling our talent. Some days are slow and some days I have to come in early and leave late.

After working here this summer, I think experience in the entertainment industry is crucial to any field of PR you may want to enter. Knowledge in the entertainment world is something I never would have imagined being important to a professional that didn’t want to go in to entertainment.

So far, I have learned the ins and outs of working with real talent including actors, models and voice over talent. People will come in to audition and we must keep their confidence level up with motivational talks and compliments. We also assemble their wardrobe for them.

The entertainment world is different from the typical PR world mainly because you are working with individuals instead of clients. Although our office manager handles our clients (clients book our talent), most of the employees here work directly with the talent. This can be stressful because the talent can be very hard on themselves while auditioning or modeling. Our job is to make sure they know they are doing great.

As a junior agent intern, I call most of the talent and let them know about upcoming auditions we have booked them. I tell them what to wear, schedule them and let them know their scripts. The entire office must work together if we want to stay organized.

Experience in the entertainment world can give you a lot of insight into what the real world is like.

Some talent come in and expect special treatment and others want to be treated like a normal person, even though they are booking thousand-dollar jobs on a weekly basis. The stereotype is true for some; actors and models can be a little stuck-up. For the most part, I work with some really talented and sweet people. After all, these people are entertainers. Most of them are very personable. Watching some be so friendly and others so rude has showed me how important it is to be extra nice so you give a great first impression.

In the PR world, having a grasp on the current trends in entertainment is crucial, even if you plan on doing political PR. Having a background in an entertainment agency not only provides you great connections, but it teaches you the ins and outs of scheduling, producing and managing your time.

My advice? Intern for an entertainment agency, paid or unpaid. You won’t regret it and you will come out of it with valuable experience.

-Meagan Dixon is a senior graduating a year early and studying strategic communications with a minor in business and a sociology specialization. Follow Meagan at @MeagDixon.


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