Summer Reflection Series: Angela Keane

By: Angela Keane @angela_keane

cinciWhenever professionals speak at our classes or at PRSSA meetings, they always stress one thing: get experience. Since freshman year I knew that I should try to get as many internships as possible, but I knew it would be hard because I had so little experience. So during the second semester of sophomore year I was looking everywhere for an internship. I got those emails from Debra and Karen about internships looking to hire Ohio University students and decided to apply to the internships in my hometown. Even though I applied to internships I didn’t really think I would actually get, I did. Over the summer I interned at the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau and it taught me so much!

When I accepted their offer, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I had no idea what a convention and visitor’s bureau (CVB) was, but I quickly realized that they are very instrumental in bringing people from all over the country to Cincinnati. At the CVB we marketed Cincinnati in order to bring conventions to the city, which then would boost the city’s revenue.

After interning there all summer I learned how much Cincinnati had to offer. I thought I knew Cincinnati but I really didn’t. I learned so much about the place where I was from, and all the incredible things my city was doing everyday.

During my internship I learned what it was like to work in a real office environment. I learned how to not be afraid to ask questions, and how to fix mistakes I had made. Please pay attention to detail when turning things in. It makes you look more professional. The biggest tip I can give anyone is to always ask for more work! I was able to get involved in more projects because I was always asking what I could do for the communications and marketing department. What I loved about my internship was all of the local press conferences I got to go to. I was able to interact with the local news media, and that helped me make connections. Not to mention Vice President Joe Biden spoke at one of the conventions, which was an awesome experience!

Overall my internship experience was great! I was able to network with a lot of local people that I would have never met without Cincy USA. Your employers really know what they are doing, so take advantage of that and learn from them. Come to work excited and try to get the most out of your internship.

Bobcat Network: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

We hear it all the time – Bobcats are everywhere and willing to help you out. I always believed it when I heard those words, but this summer I got to experience it firsthand.

Over winter break this past year, I went on interviews and received an internship at a small agency in Cincinnati. I was ecstatic considering this would be my first internship, I had it lined up early and I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. Rawr

As the end of the school year was approaching I had been in contact with my boss and several of the employees. However, I began to feel uncomfortable with some of the comments that my boss had been saying to me (we will just leave it at that) so I made the VERY tough decision to quit. Keep in mind that it was the first week of May when this was all happening.

So, I went into panic mode as I began to search for a new summer internship. I emailed Professor Gerl and Professor Stewart, and they immediately emailed me back with suggestions and references. It was awesome to see how willing they were to help a student out. As I was searching through the references, I realized that two of the internships had Bobcat connections! I interviewed with both of them, and they both immediately pointed out how amazing their experiences had been at OHIO. I had so much in common with people whom I had never even met!

Long story short, I got offered both of the internships! I took a corporate route with Hobsons, an educational services company in Cincinnati, and I couldn’t be happier! Now, I have met even more Bobcats in the office, making it feel like home. It is a good feeling to have that connection with people that I work with. I’ve had conversations revolving around OHIO sports, Scripps and even Court Street. There are not many bonds stronger than a Bobcat bond, and this summer I got to experience it firsthand.

-Annie Beard is a junior studying public relations. Follow her at @annie_beard.

Account Spotlight: GoBus

By: Marisa Dockum

At every Scripps Public Relations Student Society of America meeting, an ImPRessions account is selected to be a spotlight based on their accomplishments and efforts.  On Monday, November 5, the GoBus account was highlighted to all PRSSA members.  The Hocking Athens Perry Community Action’s GoBus is a non profit community based organization. The GoBus is a new federally funded transportation service that offers transportation from Athens to Cincinnati and Columbus with stops along the way.

“The goal of the OU ImPRessions GoBus account is to assess the current state of the GoBus brand positioning on the Ohio University campus and in the Athens area and to improve customer impact, loyalty, and reach through the application of strategic and creative PR tactics,” Account Executive Nicole Spears explained.  Account Associates have been working together to collectively assemble a PR Plan for the year, which has proved to be a learning experience for all.

After just 11 weeks, the account has done a lot that contributes to future tactics and current events. Account Associate David Homan says, “My favorite thing about the account is how the meetings are operated with ease in a productive manner.” The GoBus account conquers tasks outside of meetings as well. They collected survey responses from 271 OU students to learn about their use and knowledge of GoBus. The GoBus drove in the 2012 OU Homecoming parade, and to help maximize on this appearance, the account designed T-shirts to be thrown out to attendees. Furthermore, the account has explored the GoBus websites and offered advice on how to smooth communication with the company’s customers using this medium.

The GoBus account is now in the process of assembling a campus-wide Travel Safety campaign for the upcoming holiday season, look out for their flyers and tables at the Baker center! They hope to partner with the Ohio Department of Transportation for this project and also look forward to offering internal counsel for an upcoming company restructuring.

Congratulations to the GoBus account for their accomplishments, and keep up the good work!