Why Cards Against Humanity’s PR Stunt was Actually a Great Idea

By: Rachel Hartwick, @rachel_hartwick


A few weeks ago, 30,000 people received a box of poop in the mail. Prank? Sick joke? Nah, customers paid for this special, little holiday present themselves.

“Cards Against Humanity,” a card game played with the same general rules as “Apples to Apples,” but a lot less family appropriate, fought against the rising phenomenon of Black Friday. Instead of discounting the popular game like most businesses do with their products, the company offered an awesome alternative—actual, literal, bull poop. It sold out in less than two hours.

Upon first hearing about the company’s stunt, I was appalled by this idea. As a Black Friday frequenter in recent years, I didn’t really understand why Black Friday was such a problem. So what if there are sales the day after Thanksgiving? The day gives us something fun to do with our family and friends who are in town, and saves us a lot of money if we want to get our Christmas shopping done early.

After some thought, I realized how flawed this idea is. The co-creator of “Cards Against Humanity,” who noted that they all “really hate Black Friday,” told “TIME,” “Black Friday comes after this day where you’re supposed to be thankful for what you have, and then it’s just this whole huge media spectacle of people fighting each other to save 50 dollars on a TV.”

Although I probably wouldn’t have purchased the bull**** myself, (what in the world would I do with it?) I stand behind the company’s ideas.

Last year, they ironically sold their card game for five dollars more than their normal price on Black Friday—a good idea too, but this year, “Cards Against Humanity” really made their point clear. The company made 20 cents off each six dollar box of dried poop, which was then donated to a charity to provide for people in poverty, so perhaps these people have a little money to spend on holiday gifts for their loved ones.

“Cards Against Humanity,” kudos to you. I can’t genuinely promise that I’m never going to order something online, or go out shopping on Black Friday, for the rest of my life, but you’ve definitely made me reconsider how material-driven Black Friday has made our society become—it’s some bull***.

How to Successfully Prepare for Black Friday

Without the misuse of prescription drugs

By: OU ImPRessions Prescribe Change account @PrescribeChange

With your stomach full and your eyes starting to close you remember that in six hours you are supposed to be in front of Best Buy’s door for their Black Friday sale – leading the crowd to the HD TV section, and grabbing the 36-inch TV for pocket change. Regret courses through you when you think about all the good food you just ate that will weigh you down and slow your reaction time. What do you do?

Yes, your brother’s Adderall is in the medicine cabinet, but that’s risky and your Mom just spent 20 minutes talking about how thankful she is for you, so that’s out.

What do you do? How else can you be a Black Friday shopping beast?

dog 1

  1. Take a nap. According to research the perfect nap time is 27 minutes – take two just because this is the shopping Olympics, and odds are most of your family is doing it anyways. You still have plenty of time before you’re due to go.
    dog 2
  2. Jumping Jacks. Do 100 jumping jacks 30 minutes before leaving to elevate your heart rate and pump your blood. Not only will it help digest that extra slice of pumpkin pie, but will also release epinephrine (also known as adrenaline), which will help you grab the TV right out of that soccer mom’s hands.
    dog 3
  3. Eat an Apple. Apples don’t have caffeine like the caramel macchiato offers, but it also doesn’t have the crash shortly after. Because of the high amount of sugar in the caramel macchiato, it raises your blood sugar levels and gives you a sugar rush equal to six ounces of a Coca-Cola. So grab a granny smith as you kiss your real grandma good-bye to help prepare.
    dog 4
  4. Hydrate. Dehydration can cause fatigue, so drink up while you are in line to make sure that when you get your hands on the prize, they grip tight enough to keep it in your possession.
  5. dog5Have fun. This event only comes around once a year, don’t forget to pause and laugh at all those who take Black Friday way too seriously. As mom always said, “time flies when you are having fun.”

Prescribe Change is part of The Young Adult Prevention Initiative, which is a community-based coalition of residents, businesses, organizations, professionals and advocates collaborating to prevent and reduce prescription drug abuse in 18-25 year olds in Fairfield County, OH. Drawing upon the unique qualities of this population the coalition will establish high quality addiction prevention initiatives that are data driven, effective and sustainable.

Brands That Are Taking Over Twitter

Social media has become a big part of our everyday life. It is how we communicate with one another, receive the news and express ourselves. It only makes sense for brands to keep up the pace and become a part of it, too- the ones that don’t are getting left in the dust.

All of my favorite clothing brands started tweeting late in the evening on Thanksgiving. They were letting all of their followers know about their upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. After seeing these tweets, I didn’t even check the sales on the brands’ websites that don’t have a social media presence.

Some of the best accounts I have come across are ones for food brands. My favorite is @TacoBell. I have been a longtime follower of the brand being a lover of cheap fast food. But whether you are a fan or not, this account does everything right in the marketing world.

They have just the right balance of tweets promoting their brand and interacting with their followers. If you check out their Twitter, the voice of @TacoBell is consistent and relatable. They try their best to respond to tweets from followers. Celebrities have even started to tweet at them, especially super model Chrissy Teigen. She has established such a great relationship with them via Twitter that they sent her a wedding present!


Props to whoever runs the @TacoBell account – they have really created a positive image for the brand that goes beyond just food. When super models are tweeting at you, you know you are doing something right.

Another surprisingly entertaining account is the brand @Oreo. When you first hear the word Oreo, you think “just a cookie”. Not anymore. @Oreo has created a real personality for itself on Twitter and has had a lot of fun doing it. Their tweets are usually witty, sometimes poking fun at other types of snacks like Kit Kat. They also make sure to keep up with holidays and current events. They were actually one of the first brands to acknowledge the birth of the royal baby. The day that it was announced that Kate Middleton had given birth, @Oreo was fast to tweet this:


Being in the know and always entertaining, the @Oreo personality will carry its brand far. Using their famous cookie in the pictures they tweet reminds followers how good they are every time they appear on Twitter.

Brands like these are setting the bar for others. Take notes, this is how you give a brand personality and how you don’t just become a product, but a lifestyle!

-Lauren Chemas is a senior studying strategic communication. Follow her at @LaurenChemas.