New issue, new look, new celebration

By Ashante Rone                                                                                                                                                                                  Associate, ImPRessions account

Backdrop's new logo and new location resulted in success for the magazine. PHOTO PROVIDED BY BACKROP MAGAZINE

The Backdrop account worked hard this quarter to promote and raise awareness for the magazine. Early in February, account members hosted an awareness week to reach out to more students leading up to the release of the magazine. ImPRessions helps host events such as the Backdrop Bazaar as well as the release party.

Backdrop held their release party on Wednesday, Feb. 23 at the Pigskin bar on Court Street. According to Hollie Amato, Backdrop Account executive, the turn out was better than expected.

“Pig skin was an awesome venue to have the party at and I think that the location alone made it more successful than past release parties,” Amato said.

The party was held a day after the release of the magazine. The Backdrop account hopes to continue to raise support for the next issue.

ImPRessions also worked on a re-branding campaign for Backdrop .The logo is now a big and bold lower case letter b. Backdrop faced the challenge of making the magazine more student friendly, and widening their demographics to more than the usual group already reading the magazine . Creating a new logo will help to reshape the image of Backdrop and reach out to more students.

“The re-branding defiantly helped to reach out to more students and widen the demographics in which the magazine reached,” Amato said.  The new logo is unmistakable, so whenever you see the big, black b, think Backdrop.

February associate of the month

By Samantha Caulfield                                                                                                                                                                         Associate, ImPRessions Account

Raised in Murrysville, Pennsylvania Krisitn Yerecic ventured to Ohio University this school year to begin her studies in Public Relations. Yerecic is a freshman and a member of PRSSA as well as ImPRessions. She is an active member on the Backdrop Magazine account and the February Associate Of the Month.

When asked about how she got involved in ImPRessions Yerecic said, “In my first journalism class my professor Hugh Martin mentioned PRSSA and ImPRessions. He talked very positively about the clubs and the importance of getting involved on campus, which encouraged me to attend both meetings.”

Yerecic contributed a lot to her account. During the rebranding campaign for the new look of Backdrop Magazine, she helped organize and work the table at Baker Center. The Backdrop account is currently helping plan and promote the upcoming MAYDAY concert event, in which Yerecic says she is looking forward to helping create information to promote it.

When Yerecic is not busy with school and clubs, she likes to do gymnastics, cheerleading and spend time with her family and friends. Being close to her family means a lot to her. When asked about her future career goals, Yerecic says not only is she considering entertainment PR but she would also like to end up back in her hometown doing PR for her family’s business.

Kristin Yerecic is a wonderful account associate, and it is clear that she values being apart of ImPRessions. Yerecic said,  “I love being able to get real work experience and add pieces to my portfolio. I feel that ImPRessions allows students to fully understand the real life work experience in the early years of college.”

Rebranding campaign asks students “What’s your Backdrop?”

By Hollie Amato                                                                                                                                                                         Account executive, Backdrop Magazine

The Backdrop team hopes the new logo will help widen the demographics of the magazine's reach.

The seasons are changing, and so is Backdrop. Whether it’s because of the new school year, or the new freshmen voices working with the magazine, Backdrop has rebranded the company with hope of further recognition.

The ladies of the Backdrop ImPRessions team recently sent out surveys to students of all ages throughout Ohio University’s campus. The survey asked basic questions: Have you heard of Backdrop Magazine? If yes, how have you heard of it? If no, what can we do to improve advertising? After collecting the information from 300 surveys, we found that our advertising needs improvement to spread to the whole student body. We also found that upperclassmen and students in the Scripps School of Journalism held the most knowledge of the magazine. Many underclassmen were not aware of the magazine, but did show interest in knowing more. That was one of our main goals, to create awareness and make students’ interest peak.

Another tip that Backdrop received from the surveys was to increase our advertisement. Backdrop magazine held a release party at the Union on Oct. 23, titled “Death By Music”. With performances by four different bands, all having different genres, the event pulled in many different groups of people.  The event was extremely successful and helped Backdrop get one step closer to where they want to be. The ImPRessions team is also working on new ways of advertising. Trying to get “in the students faces” without annoyance can be hard. Not only will Backdrop be hanging up and passing out fliers, but we’re going for something a little more extreme. Body stamps have been discussed during campus wide events. This way, the logo “b” from backdrop will be stamped on various students hands creating awareness of the magazine. Pens with the Backdrop label on them were also discussed.

Not only did Backdrop just release the Fall Issue of the magazine on Oct. 22, but they created a whole new look. Backdrops rebranding consisted of a completely new logo. The edgy and bold “backdrop” logo that was once ours is now transformed into a simple, classic and bold “b”. It may seem ineffective in words, but seeing the “b” around campus will make a huge statement.

The goal of the rebranding is to widen the demographics in which the magazine reaches. The magazine has been known for having a slightly narrow view. With the new logo the magazine is trying to promote diversity and make Backdrop a magazine for the entire campus. The Backdrop ImPRessions crew is currently working on a Backdrop awareness week. The goal is to advertise hard for Backdrop throughout an entire week. This will include ads in the post, press releases, Baker ads and more. On top of that our team will be hanging posters with the new “b” logo, passing out fliers and other promotional Backdrop items. Our team also plans on going around campus and making more students aware of Backdrop and the current changes. The slogan for the campaign ImPRessions put together is “What’s your backdrop?” and that is just what they plan on asking students.

ImPRessions to make impact in 2010-2011

By R. Devin Hughes

Ohio University students don’t know what is about to hit them next year (though hopefully, with our PR efforts, they will).

Last year, ImPRessions took part in its largest event ever, collaborating with the Black Student Council Programming Board, University Programs Council and Backdrop Magazine to put on the first MAYDAY event, a large outdoor concert featuring artists Clipse and Consequence. It was estimated that more than 800 people  attended. The success of this event opened our eyes to our potential to be a part of major campus and community events, an initiative we plan to continue next year.

The year has not even begun, and already some big ideas are flowing (I have to stress that these are ideas, so don’t yell at me if they are scrapped). Another MAYDAY (Backdrop). A drag show (ButtOut Ohio). A putt-putt tournament in the library (University Libraries). A dance marathon (Up til Dawn). Ohio University students will not be able to avoid the ImPRessions ImPAct next year; we will have our hands in too many fun things.

That’s not the only impact we will make, however. Let’s not forget the pro bono work we do. Raising awareness to the dangers of smoking (ButtOut Ohio). Fighting prescription medication abuse (Cardinal Health). Giving puppies a home (Athens Humane Society). Helping African children receive an education (Empower).

All told, there has never been a better time to get involved with ImPRessions, because our impact will be felt among Athens-wide, nationwide and worldwide audiences next year. By joining our firm, you won’t just be benefitting themselves from valuable PR experience—they’ll be making a difference.