Everything you need to know about The Fluff (and maybe even a little more)

By: Maddy Plaster, @maddyrose1620


*Correction/Clarification: The Fluff will no longer be serving dinner until further notice, due to staffing changes, but still stop in to try the breakfast and lunch menus. Be on the lookout for the resumption of the dinner menu.

I’m sure there are some of you who are wondering what I’m talking about when I say The Fluff.  Some might ask if I’m referring to the Fluff Bakery, home to fabulous baked goods that top your grandma’s secret recipes. The rest of you may be completely clueless. Well, I am here to help explain what The Fluff is.

The Fluff Kitchen Bakery and Drinks previously known as Fluff Bakery, combines two fabulously different ranges of food: bakery and Thai cuisine. Yes, I know, the combination seems a bit mystifying, but I assure you it works. Who am I kidding, it goes beyond just working. You just can’t beat Fluff’s impeccable execution in tying together creative Thai dishes with delectable desserts.

The Fluff started as Fluff Bakery and Catering. After several years, the bakery decided to merge with Rickshaw Thai, a popular Thai restaurant in the Athens area. The joint menu now incorporates an assortment of curries, scrumptious burgers, and even a homemade meatloaf.

Fluff has become one of my favorite Athens spots; it’s especially unique because it is great any hour of the day. A cup of their Silverbridge coffee and a cinnamon twisty is the perfect way to jumpstart any morning. The lunch and dinner menus are out of this world, with a multitude of options that cater to both the picky and adventurous eater.


My personal favorite on the dinner menu is the peanut curry over jasmine rice, with a side of warm and toasty garlic naan bread. For those who may be hesitant about trying Thai food, the peanut curry is the dish for you. It has just enough kick, while still maintaining the sweet and creamy flavor of the peanut sauce. For those who are more adventurous, you can kick up the heat and add more hot chili sauce.

The meatloaf, another one of my favorite dishes, is mouthwatering and packed with flavor. Served with smooth mashed potatoes, and a crisp bahn mi salad, this dish is at the top of my list. The lunch menu for fluff is just as delicious as the dinner menu, with sandwich options, and make-your-own salads, if you are looking for something lighter.


Besides their widespread food menu, The Fluff also offers an excellent alcoholic beverage menu for those special students who are 21+.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it did! The Fluff has an array of beers including many from our very own Jackie O’s Brewery and Pub, as well as some more unique choices like the Tiger Lager and the Kombucha Ginger beer.  All in all, you can’t go wrong with anything you get from here. It’s the perfect place to go when dining halls and Easy-mac just aren’t cutting it, and all you want and need is a home-cooked meal filled with love.

For all you students who can never think of a good sit down restaurant for when your family comes to visit, I have found your new spot. The Fluff has earned its ranking in my heart as the best restaurant, AND bakery, in Athens. Next time you’re uptown, make sure to stop in, so it can become yours as well.

My Summer as a Snake-Wrangler

Summer Reflection Series: Rebecca Zook

By: Rebecca Zook @BeccaZook


This past summer I spent my time interning as a writer and photographer for the Southern Ohio Copperheads. For any sports fanatic this is the best situation for a summer internship, it’s in a relaxed setting while still getting the full-fledged sports experience. After all it is summer, what more can you ask for other than sun, baseball and great coworkers?!

The Southern Ohio Copperheads is a summer collegiate baseball team stationed in Athens, Ohio. As a staff writer for the Copperheads, I covered community events, wrote game recaps, as well as feature stories on the team’s history and the players. On game days that I was not stationed in the press box covering the game, I spent the day as a staff photographer interacting with the crowd and capturing the moments that make Copperheads games special.

Although I did spend time dancing with fans on the dugouts and joking around with coworkers, I still learned a lot about sports communications this summer.


  1. Always Be Willing to try New Things. Going into my internship this summer I was strictly a staff writer, but at the first game the staff photographer they originally chose was suddenly unavailable. I had my own DSLR camera and a little photography experience, so I volunteered to be the photographer for every game that I wasn’t writing – which was about 75% of games, since the recaps were split among the four staff writers. This was by far the best decision I made. Not only did I get great writing experience, but I also got to be a sports photographer for the first time. Granted I’m not an award-winning photographer by any means, but I definitely improved my skills. I also got to be a part of the communications staff that interacted with the fans, which was incredible.
  1. Become Friends with Your Coworkers. Your coworkers can be the best or worst part of your internship. They can either make you hate going to work or they can be the reason why you arrive to work early. In my case this summer, my coworkers were one of the many perks of working for the Copperheads. The general staff are all Ohio University Sports Administration Sports Management undergrads taking a summer course. For the course their assignment is to run the Copperheads organization throughout the season. My fellow “snake-wranglers” (as all the staff is affectionately named), were not only my coworkers at the field or classmates during the school year, they were also my friends. Having a good relationship with my coworkers made even the rain delays entertaining and fun.


  1. Find Passion in What You’re Doing. This is the best piece of advice I can give to anyone. Loving what you do is something that affects your entire life. If you can find passion in some small thing about your job or internship, it just makes that experience a hundred times better and gives you motivation to excel at what you’re doing. Personally, I am a huge sports fan and baseball is by far my favorite sport. Getting to go to the ballpark everyday to work with people who were just as passionate about their work as I was, made this internship feel less like a job that I had to go to, but more like an event with friends. My internship with the Copperheads was an amazing experience and the work environment is something I can only hope to find in my career in the future.
  1. Take Me Out to the Ballgame is Actually Very Hard to Sing on Key. The last thing I learned through my internship with the Copperheads may not seem important to the majority of you, however I had to get up on the dugout of every home game with all the staff and sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Now it may not seem like it, but this “simple” song is actually really hard to sing on key. As much as we like to believe that we sound like a classic recording of this tune, I can promise you that the thirty of us standing on the dugout sounded more like a mix between a walrus and an injured moose.


If you want to read my articles or learn more about the Southern Ohio Copperheads, check out the website at www.copperheadbaseball.com


Summer Reflection Series: Carolyn Nachman

By: Carolyn Nachman @carolynnachman

When I began college at OU three years ago I knew I wanted to spend one summer in Athens before I graduated. With one summer left, it was my last chance to experience Athens in all its summer glory. When it was time to start my summer internship search, I started looking around Athens and the surrounding area. For such a small town there are more opportunities than you would think. Between internships with the school, and newspapers in the surrounding area, there was plenty to apply to. And then I got an email about an internship opportunity with a non-profit environmental sustainability organization. Having never worked in non-profit, or really thought about working in non-profit, I applied on a whim. After an interview, I got the internship doing social media and communications at Rural Action.


After a three-month internship working in the non-profit sector of communications, I started to re-think my plans after graduation. I absolutely loved working for a non-profit organization. Working towards something you actually believe in, and working with people who are passionate and dedicated towards what they’re doing is an amazing experience. It’s nice to be able to make a phone call, and at the end of the conversation hear the person on the other end of the line tell you what a great job your organization is doing and how you’re really making a difference. It’s nice to hear, and not the kind of thing many people get to hear on a daily basis.

Another thing that was nice about working at a smaller organization is that I got to do a little bit of everything. My main work was with social media, but I got to work on event planning as well and a little bit with Photoshop (a new experience for me) – although the program still terrifies me.

I had all these amazing work experiences while also enjoying Athens summer. Trips to Strouds, beer at the River Park pool, and not having to push your way through crowded bars on Court Street are just a few of the many perks of summer in Athens. Then there’s Boogie on the Bricks, which was by far my favorite weekend in Athens to date. If nothing else, make sure you are in Athens for that one weekend during the summer.

Overall, my main takeaways from this summer are as follows:

  • Experience a new area of strategic communications you’ve never considered working with before. You never know what you could be missing out on.
  • Experience summer in Athens, it’s the only time in your life you’ll be able to do that – and trust me, you won’t want to miss Boogie on the Bricks.


Fall semester is just around the corner, are you ready?

By: Jess Carnprobst @jess_carnprobst

048_ohiouYesterday it hit me – I only have a week left before I go back to school. What?? How did summer go by so fast? I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way, and may even be going back sooner than I am. Of course, we’re all excited to go back to the beautiful home we call Athens, but there’s still a lot left to do before the summer ends. Here are some of my tips to help make that to do list seem less daunting.

1. Rethink everything you wanted to do when summer began

Did you make a list at the beginning of the summer? If so, then go through and check off everything you’ve already done. If the list was mental, write it all down then do the same. You should already feel much better. Now breathe, and make a separate list of everything you still want or need to do. Whether this includes going on some crazy adventure or updating your resume, write it down and don’t hesitate to get started.

2. Remember that a lot can be done in just seven days

If you’re looking at your packing list and your new to do list thinking there’s no way, don’t worry it can be done! Prioritize your list and start checking things off. If your list still seems too daunting after a few days, look over it again. Is everything really that urgent? It might be a good idea to save some not-so-urgent things for fall semester. Now that you’ve reminded yourself what is most important, make it happen! Go on a wild adventure, hang out with your friends and family one last time, maybe start packing the car. In a week’s time, you’ll be glad you crammed it all in, making your last week one of the best weeks of the summer.

3. Get ready for Athens!

Both mentally and physically, prepare yourself for the upcoming year because it’s going to be a great one! If you’re a planner, set some goals for yourself. If you enjoy channeling your creativity, make some crafts for your dorm or apartment. If you’re feeling very creative, feel free to share the love and teach me a craft or two (I’m trying to decorate my apartment, but I don’t want to end up with my fingers glued together). Whatever it may be, get yourself ready for your best year yet! If you go in feeling prepared and accomplished, there will be nothing stopping you from an outstanding semester!


Now it’s time for me to take my own advice and prepare for my move in less than one short week. Even though it seems like I have month’s worth of things to do, it will somehow all be done by the time I see those beautiful bricks yet again. I can’t wait to see you all there, let’s make this year fantastic!

Leaving Athens: How to Deal

By: Laine Carey @snakesona_laine

The Greatest Place On Earth

3 years ago this fall, I moved into Wilson Hall on West Green at Ohio University, completely unaware of what the coming years would bring. Long story short: I fell in love! And I’m not the only one. I think it’s safe to say that all Bobcats are happy residents of our little heaven that is Athens.

It’s been a great ride and I can’t wait to see what the coming years will- wait, what? – I…I have to leave? – What is this “graduation” you speak of? – UGHHHH.

Unless the real world is full of friendly people, delicious food, Athens bricks, cheap drinks and beautiful buildings at every turn, leaving OU will be tough. Here are a few tips to help!

1. Start your job search

You’re a busy senior balancing papers, exams, club activities, a social life, naps and so on. Even though it might seem impossible to load anything else onto your schedule, add job searching to that list! Time is limited in the real world. Go to job-search and resume workshops – also don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile. Network. Seek out alumni who are in your field and ask them for professional advice. Ideally, once you graduate, you won’t even have much time to miss Athens – you’ll be too busy at your new job! 

2. Don’t panic

Take a few deep breaths. Motivation and confidence will come naturally as long as you take steps to ensure success after graduation. If you’re patient and you work hard, things have a way of working out.

3. Look to the future

Get excited! The real world is what you make it. It’s a brand new adventure. Don’t just think about job title. Think about where you want to live. Think about what kind of environment you want to work in. Think about that first pair of designer shoes that you spend your hard-earned money on. Think about the tiny garden you start on your apartment’s roof. Think about your new favorite little restaurant. You could be anywhere in 5 years. Isn’t that sort of amazing?

4. Live in the present!

If you’re a senior, make time to live it up. Soak it all in. Also, remember, once you graduate, you’re still a young person allowed to have fun. And don’t worry, you can always come back and visit Athens (just not every weekend…).

5. Cherish your friendships

The friends you make in college are for life. Prepare to drift away and grow apart from a few, but prepare to miss others more than Big Mama’s Burritos. By the time graduation rolls around, they are basically your family. Treasure those trips to the grocery store that feel like adventures. Relish in those late-night snack sessions. Go on a road trip at 3AM! And don’t forget to lean on each other when you’re lost and confused and doing real-person things like vacuuming your car.

Things to cross of yOUr OU Bucket List

IMG_2126I guess it’s about time I admit it. After all admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? I don’t want to leave this magical place we call Athens, Ohio. It has been a yearlong mission to cross off my OU bucket list items one by one. With only a few days left and a few more checks to make, I feel it is only fair to pass along some of the favorite things I’ve done during my years at old OU. If I can save one bobcat from missing the hidden gems of Athens, then I will call this a success. So here we go!

Go Stargazing

There have been several times that my friends and I have bundled up, climbed one of the beautiful Athens’ hills and looked at the stars for hours. The conversations you will have while surrounded by a star filled sky will leave you amazed and laughing. It’s even better to head out when there is a meteor shower that evening. In case this sounds appealing, the next meteor shower will be May 5!

Get Chicken and Waffles

You can find Chicken and Waffles at the Uptown Grill located on Union Street across from Jackie O’s.  They serve take-out only and have a lot of great late night options. My favorite, and an OU necessity, is the Chicken and Waffle. It is two fluffy waffles with bacon, chicken fingers and a special sauce that ties it all together. Check out their Facebook page to see the times that they’re open.

Attend thIMG_1799e Pawpaw Festival

A little outside of Athens in Albany, Ohio you will find the annual pawpaw festival. The pawpaw is North America’s largest native tree fruit and has a creamy texture with a tropical taste. It’s also the state fruit! At the festival you can find live bands, local businesses and foods that utilize the fruit (try the pawpaw pizza). The festival lasts three days in the fall and will take place September 12-14 in 2014. Go and check out our native fruit.

Get Mac and Cheese Bites at 2 am

Whoever said nothing good ever happens after 2am never knew about Union Street Diner. They are located around the bend of Union Street and are open 24/7. After a long night of exploring campus, you can count on USD to supply the perfect ending. Their menu is filled with delicious food, but the Mac and Cheese bites are a must. I always order extra ranch too, but that’s just me.

Knock on your neighbor’s door

Put yourself out there and meet new people. I have made some amazing friends by simply knocking on the door and asking if they want to sit outside with me. You never know whom you will meet; they may change your life forever. I know that was the case for me.

I encourage all of you to take advantage of the time you have here. It goes by faster then you would ever expect. As author J.K. Rowling said, “it is a strange thing, but when you are dreading something and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up”. Don’t let college pass you by. Go out there and enjoy the magic of Athens so that when you graduate you can say, “mischief managed”.

Angela Martin is a senior studying Strategic Communications. You can follow her on Twitter at @_angelamartin.

Being Bobcats on a Budget

broke“Broke.” I’d say that’s an adjective college students have used to describe themselves at least once in college. I can’t remember how many times my checking account was overdrawn freshman year. Living on a tight budget can be difficult at times, but it isn’t impossible! I’m no expert in finance but here are a few tips from experiences I have had with managing my mullah.

Get a Job

With the hectic schedules of class and extracurricular activities, having a job can seem daunting. I personally believe it’s necessary to work while in school. There are many campus and local jobs in Athens to take advantage of. Working in the dining hall isn’t the most glamorous job, but it is a job nonetheless. There are work opportunities in Baker Center, Alden library and many other campus buildings, as well as internships. Work experience while in school not only looks great on your resume – it plants the seeds of learning to track your spending. Money from Mom and Dad is great, but there is a financial consciousness and accountability that comes with having to spend your own money.

Be Financially Aware

Be honest about your spending habits. How much money do you spend when going out? Are you more likely so spend cash or use your credit/debit card? These are all things you should take into account when budgeting. Sit down and write out how much money you have weekly/monthly and how much you usually spend. Does it add up or are you living beyond your means? Always have some cushion. I prefer to use a debit card because it’s similar to spending cash. Be careful when using credit, because it can add up. I also don’t spend money once my account gets to a certain balance.  Decide what your max amount is and hold yourself to it. Overdrawing your account comes with additional fees, and ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Check your accounts & statements regularly

I check my account online everyday. You should always know how much money is in your account so you don’t overdraw it. If you download your banks app, you can get mobile alerts sent to your phone whenever your balance is under a certain amount – allowing you to keep track on the go.  Also try to keep an eye on your account activity and your monthly statements. Freshman year, someone illegally used my card information to make some purchases. Thankfully, I knew right away when the $100 was spent because my bank alerted me via smartphone , causing me to immediately check my account history. Since then, I have made it a point to stay cognizant of account activity.

The 20 percent rule

My mom always told me to put 20% of every paycheck into my savings account. Now let’s be real, sometimes there’s a pair of shoes or a concert that takes precedence, but saving is a great habit to start right NOW.

Treat Yourself

You can be frugal and still have fun! You deserve it! Regularly getting out/doing something nice for yourself is more cost efficient than splurging. Always have some money set aside to treat yourself.

Again, these are standards I’ve established for myself and how I handle my money. It’s worked out very well for me and I am proud of how responsible I have been with my spending this year. Here are also some links to additional tips, plans and advice.

What do you do to budget your money?

Malindi Robinson is a sophomore studying Strategic Communications. You can follow her on Twitter at @matrixxmal.

Looking for more resources? Here are some links to help you with budgeting.

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