November associate of the month

By Becca White                                                                                                                                                                        Account Executive, ImPResions

Camille Davis iCongratualtions to Camille Davis, November Assoicate of the Months a freshman public relations major with big plans for her future.

Davis first became interested in ImPRessions at the student-involvement fair during opening weekend. She is now on the Athens County Humane Society account which also works with Friendly Paws Pet Supplies & Grooming.

“After the first meeting with my account I knew I wanted to stick with it,” Davis said.

Davis is interested in non-profit public relations and plans to specialize in education and history. She would like to be a history teacher at some point during her pursuits in public relations.

She enjoys funny TV shows such as Scrubs, and her favorite movie is Forest Gump. She enjoys joking with her family and friends as well as reading and dancing.

Davis said, “I am mostly just interested in working with people.”

Athens County Humane Society account works in partnership with Friendly Paws

By Carly Damman                                                                                                                                                                       Associate, ImPRessions Account

ImPRessions is happy to announce a new client, Friendly Paws Pet Supplies and Grooming. The Athens County Humane Society account will absorb Friendly Paws as an additional client. Brittany Lambert will be the account executive for both accounts. The current members of the Athens County Humane Society account will now work with their account and with Friendly Paws.

Athens native and owner of Friendly Paws, Shelley Lieberman, was so happy with the firm’s work on the Humane Society last year, she approached ImPRessions about working with her business this year. With a big increase in members, ImPRessions is excited to add new clients and expand their reach throughout the Athens community and beyond.

The firm is excited about Friendly Paws as a new addition, showing clients are pleased with ImPRessions work. CEO of ImPRessions, Devin Hughes, expresses his excitement about the new addition saying, “My favorite part of the job is hearing testimonials from clients about how pleased they are with our work, so I was thrilled to hear that Shelley was impressed to the point of wanting to do extra business with us.”

Friendly Paws offers grooming six days a week, is an eco-friendly business, sells locally made products for pets and a percentage of their profits each year benefit local rescues. One of those local rescues is the Athens Humane Society, which helps the two organizations work well together.

The Athens County Humane Society account is helping to plan the Humane Society’s Centennial Celebration. The celebration will be held Oct. 9th from 7 to 9 p.m. and will include desserts, drinks and animal lovers. Tickets can be purchased at many local stores including Friendly Paws.  The Athens Humane Society account will also be hosting a rescued pet calendar contest. Participants can find more information at the Friendly Paws Pet Supplies and Grooming or Athens County Humane Society Facebook page.

Account Executive, Brittany Lambert, is still working on getting the Friendly Paws account up and running. The Athens County Humane Society account will host a Halloween event at the store and will begin planning for the event soon.

“The fact that Shelley was happy enough with our work with Athens County Humane Society that she would approach us for a second account is a testament to the quality of our members and campaigns,” Hughes said. ImPRessions is proud to add a new client to their firm and is looking forward to finding more new clients to accommodate the increased membership this year.

ImPRessions to make impact in 2010-2011

By R. Devin Hughes

Ohio University students don’t know what is about to hit them next year (though hopefully, with our PR efforts, they will).

Last year, ImPRessions took part in its largest event ever, collaborating with the Black Student Council Programming Board, University Programs Council and Backdrop Magazine to put on the first MAYDAY event, a large outdoor concert featuring artists Clipse and Consequence. It was estimated that more than 800 people  attended. The success of this event opened our eyes to our potential to be a part of major campus and community events, an initiative we plan to continue next year.

The year has not even begun, and already some big ideas are flowing (I have to stress that these are ideas, so don’t yell at me if they are scrapped). Another MAYDAY (Backdrop). A drag show (ButtOut Ohio). A putt-putt tournament in the library (University Libraries). A dance marathon (Up til Dawn). Ohio University students will not be able to avoid the ImPRessions ImPAct next year; we will have our hands in too many fun things.

That’s not the only impact we will make, however. Let’s not forget the pro bono work we do. Raising awareness to the dangers of smoking (ButtOut Ohio). Fighting prescription medication abuse (Cardinal Health). Giving puppies a home (Athens Humane Society). Helping African children receive an education (Empower).

All told, there has never been a better time to get involved with ImPRessions, because our impact will be felt among Athens-wide, nationwide and worldwide audiences next year. By joining our firm, you won’t just be benefitting themselves from valuable PR experience—they’ll be making a difference.