May associate of the month

By Rebecca Reif                                                                                                                                                                             Associate, ImPRessions account

Looking to supplement her classroom learning with some hands-on experience in the public relations field, sophomore Kate Willse found that joining ImPRessions was a great way to make this happen. Willse, a public relations major and a business minor, heard about ImPRessions during a PRSSA meeting her freshman year.

“I thought joining ImPRessions would help me gain knowledge as to how public relations is incorporated into a business or organization. I wanted to get the opportunity to expand my skills and work with other people in the PR field,” Willse said.

Willse currently works as an account associate for the College Green Magazine account with ImPRessions. She said that her experience as an account associate has helped her learn more about how PR campaigns work, as well as expand her credentials as a public relations professional.

“Being an account associate has taught me that failing is not always a negative thing. You can work for weeks on a campaign only to find that it is not successful, or that your client changes what they want. I have learned that this is okay. A true professional will use their failures as motivation to make their future work bigger and better,” Willse said.

In addition to her involvement with ImPRessions, Willse is currently the Executive Vice Chair of the University Program Council and a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, reading and participating in 5k races. She will be interning with the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio next winter intersession, and would love to intern with a public relations firm before she graduates. Willse hopes to be the CEO of her own public relations firm someday.

April associate of the month

By Rebecca Reif                                                                                                                                                                         Associate, ImPRessions account

Congratulations Sara Sloat, April Associate of the Month

Although she is busy, freshman Sara Sloat is happy that ImPRessions is a part of her hectic schedule. Sloat believes that being a member of ImPRessions has helped her develop a realistic picture of what working in the PR field is truly like.

“The hands-on experience I have received from being a member of ImPRessions has really helped my understanding of the field of public relations. ImPRessions has provided me with the kinds of experiences that you can’t have inside of the classroom,” Sloat said.

In addition to being an account associate for the ButtOut Ohio account in ImPRessions, Sloat is also an active member of PRSSA, PR Chair for the Western Equestrian Team and a member of the Sigma Kappa Sorority. She decided to join ImPRessions when she learned that as a member she would have the opportunity to plan real events and work with real clients.

“Being an account associate is hard work, but very rewarding.  I love doing PR, and being part of ImPRessions is a lot of fun,” Sloat said. “I have also learned some very valuable skills—like learning how to use the program InDesign as a freshman—and that is something that makes my experience with ImPRessions unique,” she said.

Sloat hopes to move to Washington D.C. after graduation, and is interested in doing public relations work for health care and hospitals. “I would also really like to study abroad in Spain next winter,” Sloat said.

March associate of the Month

By Rebecca White                                                                                                                                                                               Account executive, ImPRessions account

Congratulations to Nicole Ranieri, March Associate of the Month!

Nicole Ranieri fell in love with public relations this past summer after her first internship. Originally interested in broadcast, she then knew she wanted to focus on PR as soon as the school year started.

“I had heard wonderful things about ImPRessions, and I loved the idea of getting to work directly with a client. Other organizations rarely offer that kind of experience,” Ranieri said.

Ranieri is a sophomore in the Journalism school. She is from Pittsburg, PA. Her hobbies include reading, writing, social media, working out and collecting and experimenting with an array of nail polish colors. Ranieri said her favorite book is He’s Just Not That Into You, which is also her favorite movie.

Ranieri is on the OHIO Performing Arts Series Account. She was interested in joining ImPRessions to increase her involvement in public relations and enjoys being creative in her involvement.

“I like having the freedom to do what the team thinks will be most effective, and I like actually working for a client.”

Ranieri said in the future she would like to work as a publicist for a single person or sports team. She also hopes to have a career that will allow her to incorporate Mandarin Chinese, which she is currently learning here at Ohio University.

February associate of the month

By Samantha Caulfield                                                                                                                                                                         Associate, ImPRessions Account

Raised in Murrysville, Pennsylvania Krisitn Yerecic ventured to Ohio University this school year to begin her studies in Public Relations. Yerecic is a freshman and a member of PRSSA as well as ImPRessions. She is an active member on the Backdrop Magazine account and the February Associate Of the Month.

When asked about how she got involved in ImPRessions Yerecic said, “In my first journalism class my professor Hugh Martin mentioned PRSSA and ImPRessions. He talked very positively about the clubs and the importance of getting involved on campus, which encouraged me to attend both meetings.”

Yerecic contributed a lot to her account. During the rebranding campaign for the new look of Backdrop Magazine, she helped organize and work the table at Baker Center. The Backdrop account is currently helping plan and promote the upcoming MAYDAY concert event, in which Yerecic says she is looking forward to helping create information to promote it.

When Yerecic is not busy with school and clubs, she likes to do gymnastics, cheerleading and spend time with her family and friends. Being close to her family means a lot to her. When asked about her future career goals, Yerecic says not only is she considering entertainment PR but she would also like to end up back in her hometown doing PR for her family’s business.

Kristin Yerecic is a wonderful account associate, and it is clear that she values being apart of ImPRessions. Yerecic said,  “I love being able to get real work experience and add pieces to my portfolio. I feel that ImPRessions allows students to fully understand the real life work experience in the early years of college.”

January associate of the month

By Smantha Caulfield                                                                                                                                                                         Associate, ImPRessions account

Between classes, participating in OU History Association, PRSSA, and interning with the Athens County Historical Society and Museum, it is no question that Brittney Venturella is a busy student. However, she still finds the time be an active and successful member of ImPRessions. For this reason, she is the Impressions January Associate of the Month!

Originally from Wapakoneta, Ohio, Venturella is a sophomore majoring in History and Journalism. Her sequence in Journalism is public relations, but for a while she was unsure of what her sequence would be. Venturella joined ImPRessions in hopes of learning more about public relations and gaining practical experience and networking.

Venturella is an account associate for the University Libraries account. Currently, the account is working on their PR plan. Their goal is to raise awareness about the library and its services among Ohio University students.

Venturella is benefiting from her experience with ImPRessions in many ways. “I have learned how to interact better with the public. I am currently learning how to make a PR plan and also how to blog,” she said. Venturella helped promote the Archive Show homecoming weekend and passed out fliers when a local artist came to speak at the Library. She also will be writing an entry for Alden Library’s blog soon.

When she is not busy with school, Venturella enjoys hanging out with her friends, attending OU basketball games, and listening to music. As for her future goals, Venturella explains, “I actually do not have a dream job in mind just yet. I want a job that will mix my passion for history and my love for journalism. Recently, I have thought about non-profit PR at a museum.” Whatever the future holds for Brittany Venturella, ImPRessions is very proud to have her as a member.

December associate of the month

By Becca Reif                                                                                                                                                                         Associate, ImPRessions Account

Allison Jordan attributes much of her knowledge and passion for public relations as a product of the experiences she has had as an account associate in ImPRessions.

A sophomore public relations major in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Jordan first heard about ImPRessions during her freshman orientation and again during her Journalism 101 course. “I figured I should attend a couple of meetings to see what PR was all about,” she said.

Jordan is an account associate for the Bob Evans account. The account is currently focusing on planning family fun nights and partnering with high school booster clubs in order to promote the Bob Evans restaurant in Pickerington, OH. In addition to planning these events, Jordan has also had the chance to write press releases and create PR plans for her account. This is Jordan’s second year as a member of ImPRessions; and she said that “ImPRessions has taught me absolutely everything I know about public relations.”

Jordan is from Jackson Township, which is near the Akron, OH area. Some of her hobbies include: traveling, attending concerts, and spending time with friends.

Jordan sees an ambitious and adventurous future for herself. She said, “I foresee myself working in Chicago, Boston, or any large Mid-West/East Coast city and traveling…A LOT!”

November associate of the month

By Becca White                                                                                                                                                                        Account Executive, ImPResions

Camille Davis iCongratualtions to Camille Davis, November Assoicate of the Months a freshman public relations major with big plans for her future.

Davis first became interested in ImPRessions at the student-involvement fair during opening weekend. She is now on the Athens County Humane Society account which also works with Friendly Paws Pet Supplies & Grooming.

“After the first meeting with my account I knew I wanted to stick with it,” Davis said.

Davis is interested in non-profit public relations and plans to specialize in education and history. She would like to be a history teacher at some point during her pursuits in public relations.

She enjoys funny TV shows such as Scrubs, and her favorite movie is Forest Gump. She enjoys joking with her family and friends as well as reading and dancing.

Davis said, “I am mostly just interested in working with people.”