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Intern Energy: How To Keep From the 5 O’Clock Exhaustion 

August 13, 2015

By: Katie Speice, @katiespeice

Katie Speice Ohio University ImPRessions Intern Energy

There are some big life adjustments that come with taking on a first summer internship. A summer internship means new, long nine hour work-days, scary highway commutes to work, and sore feet from high heels. A consistent complaint from interns is how exhausted they are when 5 o’clock rolls around. It is easy to get in a rut of driving home from work, plopping down on the couch and not moving until dinner time. Thankfully, after 10 successful weeks of being an energetic, happy intern, I’ve finally mastered what it takes to create an exciting life after office hours.

  1. Balance Coffee & Water. Although coffee might make you feel like a superhero, it can leave you feeling dehydrated once its magical powers fade away. For every cup of coffee you drink in the office make sure to drink at least one cup of water. The water will keep you hydrated and happy once your energy from the coffee wears off.
  2. Have a Regular Post-Work Schedule. Schedule fun weekly after-work activities and stay committed to them each week. Maybe sign up for a 6 o’clock yoga or painting class. Both of these will help relieve stress and ensure that you keep moving once work is over. Scheduling reoccurring weekly events is a great way to jump-start your night time energy because you have set expectations each week.
  3. Make Plans With a Friend. Whether it is the anticipation of catching up with your friend or the guiltiness of canceling plans, you are more motivated to follow-through with your promise. From dinner dates to intense kickboxing classes to running tedious errands, everything is more fun with a buddy.
  4. Don’t Turn on The TV Until After Dinner. Netflix has a way of taking over your whole night without you even knowing until it’s 11 p.m. Be disciplined and follow the rule of no TV until after dinner. This forces you to spend those first few hours after work in a more rewarding way.
  5. Go to Bed Early. It is as simple as that. Your body needs sleep to perform at its highest. Try to make each day as busy, active, and productive as possible so that when 10 p.m. rolls around you have no problem falling fast asleep.

With these simple steps you can be energetic and ready to tackle the day. Even if you can just pick one or two of these to do, you will see results and a happier you!

5 Steps to Set Goals and Reach Your Dreams This Semester

August 12, 2015

By: Annie Robinson, @annierob_7

Annie Robinson ImPRessions Ohio University

We are all dreamers. As striving PR professionals, we especially strive for lofty goals. Whether you are looking to land an incredible internship, travel abroad, find new networking opportunities or simply create your own blog, we are constantly thinking about the future. We have all had a moment when we think, ‘how am I actually going to do ALL of this.’ It can be one nail biting and daunting realization. One of the best ways to keep yourself on track to reach your dreams is to create goals for the upcoming semester. Here are some tips for making great goals:

  1. WRITE THEM DOWN! The biggest mistake we all make when setting goals is not writing them down. We keep them in our head where they are ever changing and can cause you great amounts of stress. Writing your goals down forces you to really spend time to ponder what you really hope to achieve during the semester. Not to mention, hanging them somewhere you are likely to see them will keep them fresh.
  2. Reachable is realistic. When it comes to goals, no one wants to feel like a failure. To avoid this, set goals that are reachable. For example, instead of making your goal to land a specific internship, make it your goal to update your resume each month or to plan a networking trip to a certain area. This way you will not be sorely disappointed in yourself for not getting what you wanted, but proud of yourself for making connections and preparing yourself for the future.
  3. Annie Robinson Tumblr Pic ImPRessions Ohio UniversityPersonalize, personalize, personalize! The only person you should be setting goals for is yourself. The only person to consider what goals are good and bad is you. Likewise, success others achieve should not affect your progress. We are all jealous of the people who seem to be involved in every important student organization, take 21 credit hours a semester and on top of it all have time to make it to the gym daily. Focusing on your own goals will begin to make you less envious and begin to feel like your own superman/women.
  4. Baby steps will take you to the top. Some need more motivation and focus than others, but a great challenge is to set as many goals as you can. Setting sub-goals to reach your overall dream is a great way to get there. The best way to run a marathon is to take it one mile at a time. Taking baby steps will allow you to prioritize what you truly hope to accomplish.
  5. Keep them in mind. Looking at your goals at the beginning of each week is great Monday motivation and will help keep you on track. The whole point of setting goals is to help you to evaluate your own progress. Being able to make adjustments to your daily life to reach an overall goal is a great way to prove to yourself what you are capable of. After taking the time to write fantastic goals, don’t forget about them!

Getting into the habit of writing goals for yourself and assessing your personal performance throughout a period of time is a great skill that most employers expect and will lead you down a path of success. Organizing your hopes, dreams and expectations is a great way to get started.

If you don’t reach the height you expected, keep reaching higher instead of giving up. It is “okay” to fail and revamp your goals for the next semester. All the while, reaching your goals will give you a new level of confidence which is important not only in the work place but in life.

ImPRessions Spotlight: Kelsey Miller, Senior Assistant Director

August 11, 2015 1 Comment

By: Marisa Fiore, @MarisaFiore1

Kelsey Miller Ohio University Senior Assistant Director ImPRessions Athletic Biking

Kelsey Miller is a senior studying public relations at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and the incoming Senior Assistant Director of ImPRessions. Miller has been involved with ImPRessions and Scripps PRSSA since her freshman year. She has completed three internships and is excited to get started implementing new changes in ImPRessions this year.

Miller's Scripps PRSSA personality headshot

Miller’s Scripps PRSSA personality headshot

Miller started working with ImPRessions her freshman year working on the Student Senate account. However, she didn’t really get involved with ImPRessions until her sophomore year on the Backdrop Magazine account. After working hard on Backdrop, she was selected to be an Assistant Account Executive for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism account with, as Miller would say it, “the legendary Billy Hartman.” Kelsey was also a member of the Scripps PRSSA executive board as the VP of Internal Relations last year.

Ohio University's ImPRessions 2015-2016 Directors!

Ohio University’s ImPRessions 2015-2016 Directors!

In addition to her experience at school, Miller has had three internships. Last summer she was an intern for the Marion Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. With her experience from that internship, she landed a PACE internship position with the Career and Leadership Development Center at Ohio University. This summer she interned for the City of Dublin (OH) government. Between Miller’s experience with organizations at school and her internships, Miller has tons of experience to take on her new role as Senior Assistant Director of ImPRessions.

Miller is excited for lots of new changes in ImPRessions this year! “We will work with two people that are creative and have great ideas and a board with even more ideas; we all think differently which I know will help me grow and help the firm grow,” says Miller. “And with the changing times of PR, we are not afraid to shake things up to go with the times.”

Miller with her parents on her left and her fiancee, Kit, on her right.

Miller with her parents on her left and her fiancee, Kit, on her right.

Miller thinks everyone should join ImPRessions, because of our leadership: Directors, BOD and Executives. She has never had so much confidence in a group of people. “I know that the execs we picked are not only perfect for their accounts, but are hungry to get started and inspire,” says Miller. “There isn’t a bad account to be on and there is something for everyone. Whether you join to make friends, grow professionally or are in need of a mentor, you will find what you’re looking for.”

Miller’s favorite thing about ImPRessions is that ImPRessions is THE PLACE to get the most hands-on PR experience at Ohio University.  “I love the collaboration of accounts and what it stands for. I have mentors that I would be no where without that I got from ImPRessions,” says Miller. “I love seeing the fire in an associates eyes and seeing people get invested in their accounts and the things they work on. I’m fortunate enough to get to see it more this year.”

Kelsey Miller as a child!

Kelsey Miller as a child!

Miller is super easy to talk to. She has been a freshman and sophomore before and knows that administration can be intimidating (even if they never were). She wants to make everyone feel comfortable asking questions, coming to her with concerns or even just grabbing lunch or coffee. In addition, she enjoys long walks at the beach, leg day and eating obscene amounts of kettle popcorn.

Get to know Kelsey Miller more by following her on twitter, @KelseyMiller300!

What Taking Time Away From Your Career Can Do for Your Career

August 7, 2015

By: Morgan Brenner, @morganbren


I have loved every second of my time at PRSSA and ImPRessions, but every time I thought of my dream job after college my mind has drawn a blank. Although every field I have come across was extremely interesting it was never what I envisioned myself doing once I graduated. Of course once I graduate I will have time to figure out what type of PR field I want to be in. However, part of me felt that if I couldn’t see myself working in PR out of college and I might not be in the right major.

This nervousness only grew as I looked through laundry lists of internships that I didn’t want any part of. While scrolling through InternMatch my mind kept going back to Fred Cook’s presentation last year on how life experience is sometimes more important than professional experience. With Cook’s words in my head, along with the limited time I had left in my college career to travel, I decided to skip the internship (I still have one summer left right?) and head to the west coast to partake in an organization called WWOOF. And here I am, three months of hard farm work later with a new plant biology minor and a better sense of meaningfulness in my major.

Morgan Brenner ImPRessions Ohio University ScrippsAll the stars aligned for me to figure out what I wanted out of my professional life this summer, but we don’t come by epiphanies every day. Life changing, worldview altering experiences come rarely in people’s lives. However, seeking out a unique life experience, or at least seeking out a perspective that is different than your own is very beneficial to finding a career path you’re passionate about, as well as getting a actual job.

You don’t need to travel to do something amazing. Sometimes all you have to do is open your laptop, a book, or walk down the street and talk to someone new. If you’re really desperate to get into the great outdoors (like me) there are most likely very many beautiful places just outside your neighborhood. Ohio is home to 83 state parks and Athens also happens to be located in a very scenic area that is worth exploring outside of Ohio University and Bong Hill.

Morgan Brenner Hocking HillsMany students’ motives in joining college extra curricular activities, comes from a desire to build his or her resume. When this becomes the motive behind EVERY activity you do outside of class, it can become unhealthy. Doing something you love, with other people who also love it, helps you meet new, interesting people and creates less stress. Oh, and this also looks intriguing on a resume when you have a volunteer experience or club that you were involved in listed. It makes you more relatable and could possibly start a conversation with your future employer. It also shows that you’re not obsessive about your career (even if you are).

Although the whole ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ self journey deal seems a little too intense for many, I feel it’s important to take some time outside of your everyday routine and experience something new. If you already know what you want to do with your career once you graduate, I applaud you. But even if you do have it all figured out, going on an adventure, taking some odd job or just reading a blog you’ve never heard of will make you more creative and enhance your ability to think on your feet. Or as Fred Cook prefers, improvise.

Connecting OHIO to Students Through Social Media

August 6, 2015 1 Comment

By: Taylor Dilley, @taylor_dilley

What caught your attention about Ohio University when you were searching for colleges? Perhaps it was a first look at one of the OHIO Facebook pages or Twitter feeds.

Taylor Dilley ImPRessions Social MediaSocial media is present in every step of the college journey—deciding where to go, applying to the school, gaining campus information while in attendance and staying connected after graduation. Colleges should be working with their students to make the process as smooth as possible. Engagement must be number one in a college’s public relations plan. Luckily, social media is here to help.

Colleges began using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, in early 2011. Many were unsure of where these new websites were going, but recognized that it was the future.

And they were correct. As of 2013, 95 percent of college students have a Facebook page and 80 percent have a Twitter according to a study done by Shweiki Media. These students are getting their news primarily from these sites. It makes sense that they should also get information about colleges from them too.

Social media can add a personality to colleges that often times advertising cannot. Tweets and Facebook posts tend to be more informal and can come straight from administrators or current students themselves. They can tell stories and provide real life examples to prospective students.

These potential students have taken to social media to find possible colleges to attend. According to the Social Admissions Report, 75 percent of the high school class of 2013 used colleges’ social media to discover information and make admissions decisions. They liked to see a school engaging with its students by addressing problems, retweeting fun posts and giving away prizes. Going to college can be a scary transition, but it is reassuring to see a school interacting with its students through creative posts.

Creating content for colleges can be difficult because while it is important to be personal, it must remain professional. Colleges should share their best stories that are in line with their brand. Social media brings the best digital storytelling beyond their own website. Colleges are institutions, but should not feel that way on social media. Instead, they must be friendly, conversational and down to earth.

Sometimes colleges generate too many informational posts with little to no interaction with actual students. Social media success depends on sharing, listening and interacting. Universities should always interact with social media users — whether that’s tweeting at a prospective student who is excited about his or her acceptance letter, responding to questions posted on their Facebook page or retweeting pictures of campus.

Taylor Dilley Ohio University ImPRessions ICYMA HashtagOhio University is an excellent example of social media done right. The main Twitter page, @ohiou, answers questions, retweets excited new students and engages with alumni. Dean of Students and Interim Vice President for Student Affairs Jenny Hall-Jones, keeps it personal with pictures of her family and pets alongside fun tweets relating to campus. A common favorite is her hashtag, #InCaseYouMissAthens, where she tweets pretty pictures of campus while students are away for the summer. In addition, OHIO has Twitter accounts for almost every college where students can go for information within their field of study.

College students are always on the verge of the newest technological trend and universities should work to stay on top and use these to their advantage.

Who knows, maybe one day you will be working for a college or university and will be managing the social media of the future.

ImPRessions Spotlight: Sarah Rachul, Executive Director

August 3, 2015 1 Comment

By: Marisa Fiore, @MarisaFiore1

Sarah Rachul Ohio University ImPRessions Scripps School of Journalism Executive DirectorSarah Rachul is senior studying public relations at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and the incoming Executive Director of ImPRessions. She has been a member of ImPRessions since her freshman year and even had an internship before she started college at Ohio University. She has a lot to be excited about this year with new clients and recruitment for account associates coming up in the fall!

Sarah has been working with ImPRessions since her freshman year. “I knew right away that this was going to be a huge benefit to my college experience and a stepping stone for my career so I kind of threw myself into it head first,” said Rachul. She started out as an Account Associate for the Copperheads account her freshman year. Her sophomore year she moved to the Cardinal Health account and half way through the year she was promoted to be the Assistant Account Executive of Prescribe Change (called YAPI back then). This happened through hard work as an Account Associate and dedicating her time to the firm. Her junior year she was named Junior Assistant Director and learned the “ins and outs” of the firm from the previous Executive Director, Melaina Lewis and Senior Assistant Director, Kerry Tuttle. Now newly named the Executive Director for her senior year, Rachul is excited to be fulfilling a goal she has had since joining the firm her freshman year.

Sarah Rachul poses with colleagues at her internship at EXPRESS.

Sarah Rachul poses with colleagues at her internship at EXPRESS.

Rachul has had three internships and will be completing two more internships next year. Before she even started college, Rachul worked as a paid writer for an online app review website. There she learned about media pitching from the side of the media itself. She then interned for Cardinal Health, a Fortune 20 healthcare company after her sophomore year of college. This summer she is currently interning for EXPRESS headquarters. Next year she will be one of Ohio University’s Victoria’s Secret PINK campus reps and an intern with Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign.

Sarah Rachul poses with Kate Schroeder, a previous supervisor at ImPRessions in Cleveland. Schroeder is one of the many connections Rachul made while working at ImPRessions.

Sarah Rachul poses with Kate Schroeder, a previous supervisor at ImPRessions in Cleveland. Schroeder is one of the many connections Rachul made while working at ImPRessions.

This year Rachul is excited to continue to grow the firm’s culture this year. “We have great clients (including two new ones), produce amazing work and run just like any professional PR firm. However, what we lack is the culture of a professional firm. We need to do more to grow relationships within the firm so no one feels confined to only their account. It’s a challenge but anyone who knows me knows that I love a challenge and I’m excited to really see the firm come together as more than just a student organization this year,” says Rachul.

If you ever want to work in Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising or Communications then they should join ImPRessions. “We give students the chance to work with real clients and produce real work. Many of these clients choose us over professional PR firms because we produce work that is just as good,” Rachul says. “In this day and age, it’s crucial to graduate with a full portfolio and standout resume. By working with ImPRessions, you can not only get the resume and portfolio, but also establish professional connections as well through our clients. It’s also a lot of fun. I met some of my best friends through ImPRessions and I looked forward to the weekly meetings so much that they never felt like work. ImPRessions helped me realize just how passionate I am about PR.”

One of Sarah Rachul's favorite things is Disney. She goes every summer to Disney World and has run in some of the races they have held.

One of Sarah Rachul’s favorite things is Disney. She goes every summer to Disney World and has run in some of the races they have held.

Rachul’s favorite thing about ImPRessions is the relationships. Rachul’s connections that she made with clients, led to internships and she became friends with almost all of the amazing people she got to work with. As she moved higher up the ImPRessions ladder, she got to meet even more people in the firm and realized how amazing it would be for everyone to form these relationships. “This is just another reason why I am so focused on improving the firm culture this year through events, workshops and incentive based programs,” says Rachul. “I hope everyone is excited as I am for the coming year. I can’t wait to lead ImPRessions in the 2015-16 school year. I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up my time at Ohio University!”

Follow her on Twitter @SarahMRachul!

How to have a Productive Summer, Without an Internship

July 25, 2015

By: Sammie Fisher, @SammieFisher3 

After failing to snag a last minute internship for the summer, I decided not to let my summer be a failure as well. I may have had to return to my old summer retail job, but at least I kept my employee discount and still managed to add a few new things to my resume. It’s possible to have a professionally productive summer without an internship! Here are a few ways to continue to build your resume:

Volunteer in your community

Volunteering is an easy way to gain new experience and to meet new people in your community. Not only does volunteering help those around you, but also helps you gain skills that you can apply to a job in the future. Not to mention it allows you to network with companies and individuals that can help your future job search.

Ask for more responsibility at a summer job

If you’re stuck back at the same summer job, ask to take it to the next level. Many managers would be happy to have someone assist with customer relations or even pass on some social media responsibility. Offering to help with merchandising in an old retail job can give you more knowledge on product placement and consumer behavior. Gaining these new skills will add to your resume!

Get an online certification


The internet offers endless learning opportunities, and the learning doesn’t have to end when classes do. Getting a Google Analytics certification looks great on a resume and can be applied to future opportunities. Trying your hand at Code Academy is another way to gain new skills in between days at the pool and at your summer job. Online classes through your college are also available to help knockout some class credits while you have the time, giving you more time to take on new opportunities at school.

Find a new passion

There is more to life than working, so find a passion that you can carry throughout your life! Unique experiences and interests separate you from others and can actually help your future a great deal. You have time to experiment with new forms of exercise you might fall in love with, or a new outdoor activity that gives you an adrenaline rush!

Have Fun!

It’s okay to have a fun summer! Feel free to travel and enjoy the company of friends and family. Traveling makes you a more interesting person, and employers like interesting people! So don’t feel like taking that dream summer trip will set you behind your peers.

These are just a few of the ways to have a productive summer without an internship. Comment with any other ideas!

3 Reasons Why PR Students Should Utilize Ohio University’s Global Consulting Program

July 21, 2015

By: Elizabeth Papas, @elizabethpapas_

Ohio University Global Consulting Program GreeceMy summer break began in a more impactful way than I could have imagined. I spent a month abroad and completed a two-week business consulting experience in Thessaloniki, Greece. While in Greece, I spent time refining my research and consulting skills, enjoying delicious Mediterranean cuisine and making lasting friendships with both American and Greek college students.

My experience abroad was made possible by Ohio University’s Global Consulting Program. Ohio University’s College of Business offers this top-notch consulting program to students in multiple cities throughout the world. The program has partnerships with international universities and allows students to work in integrated teams that are made up of both Ohio University students and college students from their partner university.
Once abroad, each consulting team is paired with a company within their host country. The team has an initial meeting with their client where they learn about a problem the company is experiencing and has an opportunity to ask questions and gather information. The team then spends the remaining time researching their client’s problem, identifying steps to solve the problem and creating a report to present to their client at the end of the program.

Ohio University Global Consulting Program Students

Although GCP is a College of Business program, it is open to all Ohio University students and is an experience that can make an “imPRession” on anyone. As a PR student, I was able to absorb valuable knowledge and experience from GCP and for the following three reasons I recommend this program to all strategic communication majors.

1. You Can Learn From Your Peers

When I was assigned to a consulting team, it was no surprise that I was the only non-business major in the group. However, this turned-out to be a great experience for me because I was able to pick up new skills and learn from the business students. For example, my team members were able to introduce me to business report format and help me improve my Microsoft Excel skills. After having this experience, I am more confident in saying that our peers are one of our most valuable resources and you never know what you can learn from understanding another student’s perspective.

2. You Can Offer New Insight

As a Scripps kid, I was also able to add value to our team project. For example, I spent much of my time utilizing my research and writing skills by gathering information for our project and proof reading our team’s written report. The skills that I have learned as a strategic communication major helped me immensely and were extremely relevant in this business-focused program.

3. You Can Observe Another Culture

While abroad, I noticed many cultural differences but the most valuable difference was in the work ethic of my Greek peers. It was interesting to see the difference between the ways the American students worked compared to how the Greek students worked. For example, I am use to getting up early and consistently working on a project until it is complete. However, the Greek students are more thoughtful in their work and emphasized the importance of taking breaks and recollecting one’s thoughts. Overall, this cultural difference taught me to slow down in my work and strive to produce a higher quality result. The opportunity to observe another culture was one of the most impactful aspects of my GCP experience.

From one PR student to another, I highly recommend Ohio University’s Global Consulting Program when considering study abroad programs. The impact this program can offer to students of all majors is truly rewarding.

If you are interested in this program you can apply here: http://business.ohio.edu/about/centers-institutes/center-for-international-business/global-consulting-program/apply/

5 Clothing Companies Killin’ the Instagram Game

June 17, 2015

By: Ayla Apitsch, @AylaApit

These fashion accounts are becoming noticed through their strong Insta presence. Each account takes a slightly different approach, but all are still succeeding.

1. @FreePeople

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 11.27.13 PM

The perfect combination of nature, clothing inspiration and good vibes.  They value simplicity in showcasing their boho trends flaunting down the beach not just on models, but on their consumers too. A number of posts on their account features content sent in by fans of the clothing line.

2. @Nike

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 11.27.53 PM

@Nike features some awesome people completing some incredible feats in some pretty amazing places. From kids playing t-ball, to pro athletes, their Instagram showcases many ways you can #justdoit, all while sporting that famous Nike swoosh.

3. @MichaelKors

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 11.28.28 PM

It’s not just an Instagram account…it’s #InstaKors that sets this account apart from the rest.  You can like it, shop it, own it by registering for this easy, new way to scroll and shop the latests Michael Kors trends.

4. @Asos

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 11.29.14 PM

Their account features #tbt pictures of what inspires their vintage-renewed lines, as well as style guides and motivational pictures to get you through the workweek.  The @Asos Instagram account also features looks on, and by, the fashion stylists from their site, with advice tailored to you on the latest fashion trends.

5. @Burberry

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 11.30.01 PM

If you can’t indulge in their pieces on a college budget, at least you can feel a part of the experience with their behind-the-scenes looks that bring the brand to life.  From sketches to commercial sneak peaks, @Burberry lets you feel like a part of the action.

The Little Actions Matter

June 12, 2015

By: Katie Speice, @katiespeice


Networking can be a daunting, dreaded aspect of public relations if one isn’t wired to love the flirty thrill of face-to-face communication. It is inevitable that a public relations professional is going to experience hand to hand, face to face, good, old-fashioned networking at some point in his or her career. However, increasing relationships on social media, and frequent online business, has left aspiring young professionals with sweaty handshakes and quivering voices when networking. I’ve scoured my favorite etiquette guides and tapped into the psyche of seasoned network pros to gather some tips and tricks of the trade.

First Impressions:

Networking requires strong body language and communication. No matter how impressive your resume may be, you need to hone in on your best presentation and people skills According to psychologist Albert Mehrabrian, these are the key factors in a first impression:

  • 55% Nonverbal communication (body language and appearance)
  • 38% Vocal Quality
  • 7% Words


Business introductions should be made based on the hierarchy of the relationship. If Mrs. Smith is the CEO and her employee Mr. Jones is introducing Ms. Hays, a new employee, the introduction should resemble: “Good morning Mrs. Smith (CEO). I’d like to introduce to you Ms. Hays, a new employee in our marketing department. Mrs. Smith is our new CEO.” You should always address authority figures first and introduce others  to them. The word you should follow to. Hence: “I’d like to introduce to you.”

Other tips:

  • Always stand up to shake the hand of the person you’re greeting. The only exception is if you are physically unable to do so due to personal or environmental reasons. This shows respect and attention for the person you’re greeting.
  • Remain engaged eye contact with you person you’re speaking to. Fail to do so, and you can appear uninterested and untrustworthy.
    • To best remember a new name be alert when the name is first introduced in the conversation. Then try to use the name frequently in your networking conversations. This will help with your retention. If you happen to forget the name, it is okay to something like, “I apologize but I’m a little forgetful at the moment; please remind me of your name.”

Conversation Topics:

To ensure smooth and intelligent conversations keep up to date on all current affairs and pop culture. This way you can easily bring into conversation, “What do you think of . . .” If you want to make the news, you have to know the news.

Other tips:

  • Master the art of listening. When you intently listen to others it makes you seem genuine and encourages open conversation.
  • Make sure to let the other person finish talking before you add your two cents.
  • Feel out a conversation to see when it is naturally coming to an end. As it draws to a close, include a few comments of appreciation or a closing comment on an already mentioned topic from your conversation. This way you ensure a concrete end to a conversation and leave it on a good foot.

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