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ImPRessions Spotlight: Samantha Pelham, Human Resources Director

September 2, 2015

By: Marisa Fiore, @marisafiore1

Samantha Pelham Ohio University ImPRessions 4

Samantha Pelham is a junior at Ohio University double majoring in Strategic Communication at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and Theater in the College of Fine Arts. Pelham is the newly named Human Relations Director of ImPRessions. She has been involved with ImPRessions and many other student organizations since her freshman year. She is excited to get a chance to work with each individual person in the firm and to be a mentor when handling problems that arise!

Samantha Pelham Ohio University ImPRessions 5This is will be Pelham’s third year in ImPRessions. Her freshman year she started out as an account associate on the Scripps account. After her freshman year, she moved accounts to be an account associate on the AVW Productions account. After her fall semester, she was promoted to Assistant Account Executive of AVW for the spring semester.

Pelham has previously worked for the University Communications and Marketing Department as the PACE External Relations Assistant for and is currently working as a PACE Public Relations Assistant for the College of Fine Arts. In addition, Pelham was also a Public Relations intern at Cedar Point this past summer. “The experience I gained this summer was unlike any other, I never thought I would walk away with as much knowledge of the field or with as many friends as I did.”

Samantha Pelham Ohio University ImPRessions 2In addition, Pelham is a dues-paying member of PRSSA, the Brand Strategist and a writer for Backdrop Magazine, a singer in the Ohio Women’s Ensemble and an actor in the Lost Flamingo Company. Pelham will be performing in Steel Magnolias as M’Lynn this November.

Pelham hopes to someday work for Broadway or an entertainment company doing PR and Media Relations. She is also an avid traveler who loves to go off the beaten path and find the hidden beauty of this country. She is ecstatic to be traveling overseas to Spain for the first time during Winter Break this year!

Samantha Pelham Ohio University ImPRessions 1Pelham’s favorite part about Athens is how eclectic and friendly it is. “No matter where you go in Athens, someone is always there to lend a helping hand or smile and there is just no other place in the world like it here,” says Pelham. There are so many amazing foods on campus, but her favorite being either Bagel Street Deli or Casa Nueva.

“ImPRessions is not only an organization that is going to give students hands-on experience they can use on their resume and in the real world but it gives you all this with 100 so other members helping you along the way,” said Pelham when asked why someone should join ImPRessions. “Everyone is pretty much in the same boat, trying to get a job or at least continue succeeding after college and I think ImPRessions does a very good job of preparing students for the real world while making long lasting relationships that are both professional and personal.”

Samantha Pelham Ohio University ImPRessions 3Pelham’s favorite thing about ImPRessions is the amount of diversity in the firm. “Since we have so many different clients, associates are able to dig deep into many different types of PR. Whether you’re interested in social media or media relations, with ImPRessions I like how I was able to try it all and figure out where my strengths and weaknesses lie and most importantly seeing what I enjoyed doing in a non-intimidating setting,” said Pelham. “Also, everyone in ImPRessions are so encouraging and amazing people all around. I couldn’t imagine spending these years without all these talented people; they really make it something to look forward to going to.”

To get to know Samantha Pelham better, follow her on twitter, @SamanthaPelham.

6 Simple Ways to Balance Work & Play

September 1, 2015

By: Libby Bradford, @libby_bradford

Libby Bradford Ohio University ImPRessions Balance2

They say balance is key when it comes to all areas of life; I would argue it is easier said than done. Sure, we’d like to think we put forth equal energies into every aspect of our lives, but that’s simply not the case. In this day and age it’s easier to say yes than it is ot say no. Young adults are stressed with the daunting task of crafting a resume that is appealing to employers, thus leaving them overworked and exhausted. The ability to balance life and all of its challenges can be difficult, but it’s also very rewarding. The key to it all is taking everything one step at a time and not biting off more than you can chew. Here are some simple tips to balancing work and play.

  1. Keep personal life separate from work life. Work is a central part of everyday life. Whether it’s working in an office from eight to five or flipping burgers, a lot of our time and energy is focused into the work we do. With all of that time focused, we want to be proud of what we’re producing. Unfortunately, life outside of the office can slowly creep its way in. One tip of advice is to try and keep personal life separate from work life. Go into work everyday prepared, but leave the office satisfied. Don’t take the stress of work home with you, but also don’t lose inspiration. Sometimes brilliant ideas come at the most ordinary times. If an idea pops in your head while showering make a mental note to write it down when you’re done and return to it later.
  1. Organize your time. If you’re busier one day, then make time for social activities the next. Work hard, but play hard. Every day is going to be different so take it as it comes.
  1. Make your work count. Bounce ideas off your peers and be open to suggestions. Don’t let the critique of others get the best of you. Typically, your coworkers will have your best interest in mind. With that said, it’s important to make friends in the office. Develop a work family. The hours will go by faster and lunch breaks won’t be as lonely.
  1. Be present. Learn when to turn off your cellphone as the workday comes to a close. Make time for yourself. Pick up a yoga class to relieve stress, take your dog on a walk or try out that Pinterest recipe you keep telling friends about. Make time for those you care about and know they too are important to your overall happiness.
  1. Enjoy your work. Find something that matches your personality. If you want to jump out of bed on Mondays than you’ve find your match. Explain to others outside of the office what it is you do. Tell people why you love your work and maybe they too will become passionate about it. This will help them understand more about you as a person.
  1. It’s okay to say no. Decide what really matters to you and take on what you can with reason. This will leave you content rather than overwhelmed. Make a list of where to prioritize your time and rank them from most important to least. We can’t help others if we aren’t first helping ourselves.

With that said, nobody wants to be known as the workaholic. Be proud and passionate about your work of choice; take it all with stride. If you can do that, then everything else will fall into place. Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” These are wise words to live by.

How to Stay “Bobcat Organized”

August 31, 2015

By: Hallie Ruth, @ruthhallie

Hallie Ruth Ohio University ImPRessions Organized BobcatsHere you are bobkittens, you’ve made it to the promised land, which we call, Athens. You’ve said goodbye to your crying mother, hung up all your pictures of old friends,texted them saying how much you miss them and most importantly you completed syllabus week. Although we would all love for every week to have short classes and little work, not every week in college is like syllabus week. Many describe it as “the calm before the storm.” So here are some tips to conquer “the storm,” stay organized and have a successful year!

  1. Get a Planner!

This is probably the most important tip, your planner will be your floatation device so you do not drown in the sea of upcoming assignments. There is no way to remember everything you are suppose to complete in the weeks ahead, so the planner can prevent missing meetings, assignments or clubs!

  1. Stay connected with Social Media

There are a million and one things happening at OU everyday, so what better way to keep track of them than with Ohio University’s Twitter/Facebook page, @ohiou?! This is a great way to get updates on the activities and news happening on campus. Most of the clubs you join at OU will have a Twitter/Facebook page so it is important that you follow and like them for alerts on meeting times, tips and club info! (ex: @OUImPRessions and @ScrippsPRSSA)

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Syllabus

Your class syllabi are your new Bible. They contain every piece of important information you will need to survive your classes. Usually in each syllabus there is a semester calendar that tells you all the upcoming assignments, tests and readings; write them down in your planner! This will keep you ahead of the game and prevent panic attacks in class when your friend turns to you and says, “Did you do the assignment?”

  1. Take Care of Yourself

This tip is crucial because when we don’t take care of our minds and bodies, our life can become a little cluttered. It can be hard to keep track of where we put our keys or our ID, let alone our school work! So maybe instead of grabbing that extra slice of pizza at Shively, go get some greens at the salad bar. And as hard as it may be, try to not click the “next episode” button on Netflix and get to the gym. You’ll feel refreshed and more productive! But in the words of Donna Meagle don’t forget to “Treat yo self.”

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to take on this new semester! So before the assignments start rolling in, get your highlighters, Lilly Pulitzer planner, folders and get ready! As Bobcats we strive for the best, so in order to get the best GPA we must stay organized and on top of the ball! We wish you the best of luck, new Bobcats! Go kick some butt this year!
Hallie Ruth Ohio University ImPRessions Leslie Parks and Rec

4 Ways to Get the Most out of an Unpaid Internship

August 27, 2015 1 Comment

By: Jennica Lurie, @jennicalurie

Jennica Lurie Ohio University ImPRessions Lets Do This Upaid Internship

With the start of a new semester, many of us are looking for fall internships. In the public relations field, most of us have accepted the fact that our first internship will most likely be unpaid. We have to start from the bottom and work our way up. Unfortunately, this doesn’t take away from the sting of our accounting and engineering friends who land that dream, paid internship right away. Here are a few ways to make the most out of your unpaid internship as well as how to make a little cash money on the side.

1. Have a Positive Attitude

You get out of an internship what you put in, paid or not. If you treat your internship like it’s a paid position, you are assured to learn new skills that will pay off in the future. It’s hard to maintain a positive attitude sometimes when you know that you could be making money working a typical “college” job. Keep in mind that while you may not be feeling the extra wad of cash in your pocket now, it will greatly contribute to your success in the future.

2. Ask Questions and Get Involved

Jennica Lurie at her internship at MessageMakers.

Jennica Lurie at her internship at MessageMakers.

Do not turn down any opportunities to join in on a meeting or take on a project, because that is how you learn. Since you’re not working for money, you’re working to gain knowledge and experience. Your internship isn’t worth anything if you don’t fully engage in everything that is thrown at you. The number one reason you are there is to learn. Since they aren’t paying you, you should feel no obligation to hold back. So go on and ask a billion questions, they will want to answer them because they appreciate the work that you are doing and they know working for free isn’t easy.

3. Keep it Part Time

I know that sometimes you will not have much of a say in the number of hours per week that you work, but it is important to try and keep it part-time. This way you can get another job on the side that will help finance your wardrobe and boost your bank account for those late night Big Mamma’s runs. Either work a few days or hours a week at your internship and then the rest at your job or at school Although it may turn into an extremely busy semester, you will feel much better about taking an unpaid internship if you are also making money on the side.

4. Love What You Do

The best way to enjoy working for free is to love it so much that it doesn’t feel like a job. Find an internship that you love and paid or not, you will feel lucky to walk into the office everyday instead of dreading going to work.

Unpaid internships can get frustrating at times, especially when you find yourself running low on funds. It is always important to remember that it is worth the struggle to gain new, real world skills that would be impossible to learn in a classroom. Besides, will taking an unpaid internship really matter when you’re sitting in the corner office with a view, on the 10th floor of your dream job located in the heart of Manhattan in 5 years? I don’t think so either.

ImPRessions Spotlight: Alex Corsi, Director of Internal Affairs

August 26, 2015 1 Comment

By: Marisa Fiore, @marisafiore1

Alex Corsi Ohio University ImPRessions Mermaids

Alex Corsi is a junior and the newly named Director of Internal Affairs for ImPRessions. Before she earned this title, she was an Account Associate on the Prescribe Change account her freshman year and the Assistant Account Executive for Prescribe Change during her sophomore year.

Alex Corsi Ohio University ImPRessions Director of Internal Affairs Milford Living ConnecticutCorsi is originally from Connecticut, but came to Ohio University specifically for the nationally ranked Scripps School of Journalism. Since then, she has fallen in love with Athens and everything it has to offer, especially its array of restaurants. Union Street Diner is hands down her favorite food place in Athens. “The menu has so much to choose from, and it’s open 24/7, which is always a plus,” says Corsi.

Outside of ImPRessions, she is part of several organizations around campus. Corsi works as a peer tutor and a learning community leader, and is involved in Greek life as a sister of Delta Gamma. In addition, she is part of the blogging team for the Women’s Panhellenic Association (WPA), which is the governing body of all sororities on campus. “I am so excited to see what my junior year has in store, especially with all of my student organizations,” says Corsi.

Alex Corsi Ohio University ImPRessions Director of Internal Affairs Family

To date, she has no internship experience in the public relations field. However, during the summer she works as a lifeguard at the beach in her hometown. Through this, she has garnered people skills as well as some interesting stories. Currently, She is applying for fall internships, especially utilizing the connections I’ve made through ImPRessions, PRSSA and the Scripps School of Journalism.

Corsi believes that ImPRessions is one of the best strategic communication opportunities for students on campus. One of her favorite parts of the firm is how incredibly versatile it is, offering opportunities for students in disciplines like marketing, sports administration and communications. “If you are a student in one of these fields looking to expand your professional network, create work perfect for a resume or portfolio, or meet other students with similar interests, ImPRessions is the student organization for you,” says Corsi.

To get to know Alex Corsi better, follow her on twitter, @acorsi17.

Beyond the Classroom: 6 Benefits of Joining a Student Organization

August 25, 2015

By: Zulfa Rizqiya, @rizqibusiness

Zulfa Ohio University ImPRessions Student Organizations

As you arrive to the bricks of Ohio University and begin your routine walk to classes, it would be nearly impossible to avoid chalked sidewalks, handouts, and students tabling around campus. While your only goal for the week may be to arrive to class early enough to claim your self-assigned, unassigned seat for the semester, take the time to stop—you could miss out on the opportunity to learn more about a student organization that’s perfect for you.

With 325 student organizations registered at OU, everyone’s interests can be met. While you may join an organization like ImPRessions out of professional interest, there are many other benefits of becoming a member of a student organization:

  1. Builds a community on campus. Many new students arrive to campus without knowing any other students. Joining an organization is an easy way to identify the students that share common interests and goals as you. Through projects, events and socials, your relationship with other members will only strengthen.
  1. Helps you find and nurture your passion. Perhaps you gained interest in a field through the classroom or media. The hands-on experience offered through student organizations is a great way to explore and ignite your spark of interest into a flame of passion.
Seniors Sarah Rachul (Executive Director of ImPRessions) and Jessica Carnprobst (President of Scripps PRSSA) pose for a picture at the Scripps College of Communication Welcome!

Seniors Sarah Rachul (Executive Director of ImPRessions) and Jessica Carnprobst (President of Scripps PRSSA) pose for a picture at the Scripps College of Communication Welcome!

  1. Made for the students, by the students. While every organization has a faculty or staff advisor and works in collaboration with the Campus Involvement Center, the students ultimately call the shots. Joining an organization is your chance to expand your creativity and execute your ideas without a boss.
  1. Makes you present on campus while building your future. As you work to enhance your student organization’s reputation on campus, you will gain an invaluable experience transferable to internships and jobs. And by becoming a more involved member, the skills that you learn, such as management and leadership, will make you a valuable asset to future employers.
  1. Gives you an opportunity to network. Professionals and alumni will often make appearances at meetings or events. In addition to sharing their experiences and expertise, it’s not unusual for them to extend themselves as resources for advice and mentorship. 
  1. It’s fun! You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that new friends + doing what you love = a whole lot of fun. The best memories and learning experiences in college happen outside of the classroom, so take advantage!

By making an effort to join a student organization you gain an experience like no other and make a big campus, a little bit smaller. Whether you join a professional or fun organization, getting involved is always a good idea!

5 Tips for New Bobcats

August 24, 2015

By: Allison Arnold, @allison_arnoldd

Allison Arnold Ohio University ImPRessions College Green Tips for New Bobcats

As each summer comes to a close, the nerves of new college freshman are at an all-time high. You are all now a part of the Bobcat family and should never feel like you are going through this alone. Beginning your first year of college is a huge adjustment, but if you follow these tips the transition should be smoother.

  1. Allison Arnold Ohio University ImPRessions Get InvolvedGet Involved. The majority of the things you learn and experience will happen outside the classroom. I recommend joining a club or group that will help you professionally and a sport or activity that you are interested in. If you find an organization that you are passionate about, you will meet others with the same interests as you. This is how you will meet some of your best friends. Remember, that you can always quit later in the semester if it’s not the right fit.
  1. Find a Balance. There can be a lot of extremes in college. You can stay up late studying or you can go out partying every night. Finding a balance is crucial to your success in college. You will not pass if you don’t spend any time studying, but on the other hand you will not enjoy yourself if you spend all of your time with your head in a book. It may take awhile, but your life will be so much better with a little balance.
  1. Allison Arnold Ohio University ImPRessions Explore AthensExplore Athens. Luckily for us, Ohio University has been described as one of the most beautiful college towns in the world. It is our job to explore it and embrace the community. Take a hike up bong hill or find a new favorite restaurant. The possibilities are endless.
  1. Allison Arnold Ohio University ImPRessions Do What You LovePursue What You’re Passionate About. It’s easy to be influenced with your future and what you should study in college. Happiness is always greater than a dollar value. Don’t choose what will earn you the most money. Don’t choose a major because that’s what your parents would like you to do. It is your future and YOU should love what you are doing, no matter what others have to say about it.
  1. Talk to Upperclassmen. Networking is huge in college. The connections you make are priceless. You will meet not only your best friends, but also your future business partners during your time as a bobcat. While the upperclassmen may make fun of the lanyard around your neck, they are all a little (or extremely) jealous. You have four wonderful years ahead of you. Make the most of it!

Hopefully you find these tips useful as you begin your first semester at Ohio University. Being on your own for the first time is a big step and it can be hard, but will be worth it in the end. You’re a Bobcat, now. Enjoy every second of it!

3 Key Reasons Why the Iowa State Fair Is Kind of a Big Deal for Politicians

August 21, 2015

By: Jenna Holeman, @JennaHoleman

Jenna Holeman Iowa State Fair Ohio University ImPRessions

Okay, let’s play the name association game, red – hot, lamp – light, bed – sleep, Iowa State Fair – political battleground? Yeah I didn’t think so either, but as it turns the Iowa State Fair is huge for any political candidate that wants to be considered for the 2016-2017 election. Don’t get why? Let me break it down…. 

Jenna Holeman Donald Trump Ohio University ImPRessions

“I am Batman.” -Donald Trump informs boy on helicopter ride.

1: The Iowa State Caucus

For those of you who don’t know what caucus means, no worries. A caucus is basically a meeting for members of a specific political party. At this meeting they chose the delegate (potential candidate). So let’s say I am a Republican and at the Republican caucus in Iowa. My fellow other Republicans and I are going to vote and decide which political candidate we feel best represents us. So we choose John Kasich. Now John Kasich represents the Republican Party in Iowa. The Iowa state caucus is important because Iowa is the first state to hold caucuses. Being that it is first, it sets a precedent for the other states. It lets the other states know who the top contenders are in the upcoming election.

So Iowa State Fair is important because of the caucus? Short answer: Yes. Which brings me to reason…

2: Mingle with your voters

Bernie Sanders addresses the crowd during his soapbox speech.

Bernie Sanders addresses the crowd during his soapbox speech.

So we talked about how important the caucus is. Now it’s time to talk about how the candidates earn their bid.  Every candidate out there is working his or her tail feather off trying to win votes and get their name out there, and what better place than the Iowa State fair? Here are a few fun facts about the fair:

  1.      It’s an internationally acclaimed state fair….that pretty insane
  2.      It attracts over 1 million people around the world!! Who knew?
  3.      They make pretty sick butter sculptures

So basically who doesn’t want to go? All the more reason why political candidates need to go. They need to meet the voters and prove how accessible they can be.

3: Good ole’ fashion publicity

President Obama plays bumper cars with his daughter, Sasha.

President Obama plays bumper cars with his daughter, Sasha.

With the massive crowds, is there any better time for some traditional street campaigning? The Iowa State Fair is the perfect time to bring out your signs and buttons and hand them out like candy on Halloween. One of the most important things a possible candidate can do is to get his or her name out there, whether it be barbequing or giving rides on your helicopter (we are looking at you, Donald Trump). Sometimes less is more though, President Obama’s time at the Iowa State Fair was shared with his two daughters. This showed potential voters his value of family. Regardless of what they decide to do they need to understand what their choice represents to the public.

No matter how the candidates decide to portray themselves, it is evident that the world and American voters are watching. The Iowa State Fair is important for presidential candidates because of its caucus, publicity and the opportunity to mingle with voters. Let’s see how it all plays out!

Google Analytics: Passing the Individual Qualification Exam

August 20, 2015

By: Raquel Richards, @RaquelMRichards

Raquel Richards Ohio University ImPRessions

Words like web analytics, traffic reports, page tags and first party cookies sound scary. When first learning about Google Analytics, this is what I faced. Before this summer, I had little-to-no experience with Google Analytics. It all started when I decided to take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam.

Let’s talk about what the GAIQ is. It is a “demonstration of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ exam.” Deciding to take the exam is the first step, but there are many to follow. Below, I’m going to tell you the three ways to prepare for the GAIQ.

  1. Take the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course

This is extremely important to passing the exam. The Digital Analytics Fundamentals course explains the core principles of digital analytics. The course includes lesson in:

  • Overview of digital analytics
  • Collecting actionable data
  • Navigating through Google Analytics
  • Terminology descriptions and analysis techniques

Google suggests this course as one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Watch every video, take notes and become familiar with the lessons.

  1. Read the study guide

The study guide was my most important resource. It is a great way to review the content that you have been studying to prepare for the exam. As I watched lessons in the Digital Analytics Fundamentals course, I referred to my study guide to take better notes.

Another great source of the study guide is Webimax.com study guide with questions and answers. This blog page contains the entire study guide content. While it is a lot of information to take in, this will be your best source of reference while taking the exam.

Pro Tip: This is a 70-question, open book exam that you have 90 minutes to complete. Have all of these resources open on your desktop and easy to sift through.

  1. Reference the Google Analytics Help Center

The Help Center offers tutorials, tips and frequently asked questions. These eight tabs are going to be important before, during and after the exam. Add this site to your bookmarks page.

During my exam, I frequently used this page to find answers about audience reports, properties, data import and the frequently asked questions.

With these three resources, you should feel prepared and ready to take the exam. By the end of it, that is the easiest part. Earning the certification allowed me to understand the fundamentals of digital analytics and Google Analytics. I feel confident in my abilities and have impressed my peers. Now it’s your turn to pass the exam!

5 Steps to Staying in Summer Shape

August 19, 2015

By: Patrick Nemeth, @pnems14

Patrick Nemeth Ohio University ImPRessions Summer Shape Ramen

When it comes to staying in shape, summer brings a lot to the table in terms of motivation and opportunity. Perfect weather for outdoor runs, trips to the coast to show off that beach body, fresh homemade meals (if you’re lucky) and no piles of schoolwork to turn in on Blackboard by 11:59 p.m., all make staying healthy at least a little bit easier.

Unfortunately, fall and winter are much less forgiving. College starts, an environment filled with schoolwork, nights out, SpaghettiOs and late night ramen and Easy Mac. Winter takes a turn for the worse bringing arctic weather and something even worse: Finals.

Now any college student will agree that these are truly times that try men’s souls. How is anyone supposed to keep up with it all and still manage to live a healthy lifestyle? It certainly is no piece of cake (pun intended), but with some training and discipline I have found that it is possible. Here are some strategies that have worked for me:

1) Set Goals for Yourself. Think of happier times, syllabus week to be exact. Within every stack of paper filled with a gargantuan amount of work professors will expect from you during the coming semester, you can usually find a section labeled “Course Objectives,” which outlines what skills students will hopefully take from the class. It is essential to do this with your workout plan because when you have a goal to work towards you have a way of motivating yourself and measuring success. So whether it’s losing a few pounds, shedding a minute off your mile time or adding some weight to your max lifts, having a goal is key. So don’t forget to write it down and look at it daily!

2) Eat Healthier. This is perhaps the most important trick in maintaining your ideal summer body throughout the whole year. Why bust your butt in the gym just to fill it with junk that night? Even if you are not the biggest distance runner, weight lifter or just generally have a hard time finding time to work out, eating right can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pro tip: If you substitute the junk you keep in your fridge with healthier options, your midnight binges will be filled with less sugar and less regret.

3) Make a Schedule. Each evening, try to plan out what you need to do the next day and when you need to do it. You will almost always know what schoolwork you need to complete, meetings you have and tests you need to study for the day before. Add working out into the mix, not as something to do if you have time, but as something you have to make time for. Even if it means waking up earlier, don’t cheat your body.

4) Make it Count. College students don’t typically have time to kill, so when you make time to work out, don’t waste it. There is always the one guy in the gym that spends more time on his phone and talking to his buddies than actually working. Don’t be that guy.

5) Have a Friend. Working out regularly is no easy task. Having a workout buddy to run or go to the gym with helps it at least be more enjoyable. Once you get into your groove, this person will be the one who keeps you motivated when you are feeling tired or want to cut a workout short, and you will do the same for him or her. So make sure it is someone you can count on!

Obviously there is more to staying in shape than what I have listed here, but from my experience, this makes for an excellent base. Good luck!


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