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How Fitness Apps Reshaped The Way We Workout

October 28, 2014 1 Comment

By: Emily Peterson @empeteee

appWe all know that it’s hard to stay fit in college. Between a full course load, a part-time job and a multitude of resume-building extra-curriculars, finding time to make it to the gym is next to impossible. However fitness is important, and there are now many options available to get in a quick 15-minute workout between classes. Nike is a front-runner when it comes to fitness apps, but there are many other apps that are not only helpful, but also free. After some researching, I found the three most user-friendly fitness apps for college students.

  1. Nike Running. If you love to be outside, this is the perfect app to keep track of your runs, routes and pace. Even if you only have 20 minutes, there is no excuse not to get outside and get your blood flowing. This app tracks your mileage and times, and bonus! lets you sign up and add friends. You can compare your runs to your friends’ to add some friendly competition that also makes you more motivated to go a little further on your next run.
  2. Nike Training Club. This app is full of 15-minute workouts that exercise different parts of your body. You can choose from cardio, strength training and circuit training. After each workout, you earn a certain number of points, and you can unlock different workouts once you have enough points. These workouts are usually based on the workout plans of famous athletes. They can be done anywhere, even in your dorm room, and they’re short enough to do between your 11:50 class and lunch.
  3. Lose It! This app is just as important as the other two, although it doesn’t offer workout tips. Instead, this app lets you monitor your daily calorie intake by logging your meals and workouts. This app is perfect for losing weight in a healthy way because it will put together a plan for you based on the amount you want to lose and how fast you want to lose it.

With so many different options available, there is no excuse to put off a workout. These apps have done much of the work for you, and are great at motivating you to stay healthy and on track with your exercises. Remember that as important as it is to get an A on that exam you’ve been cramming for, it’s just as important to stay healthy and take care of yourself.

Summer Reflection Series: Billy Hartman

September 26, 2014

By: Billy Hartman @billyhartman15


This past summer I had the pleasure of interning the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, aka the NSCAA. This was one of the two World Cup trips offered by the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. I had the pleasure of going to Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, and Cologne – all to cover the World Cup from a European’s perspective.

I learned quite a lot this pat summer. I didn’t just learn about Sports Public Relations and Sports Journalism, but a lot about the different cultures from around the globe. We read about Paris and the Eiffel Tower, but it’s completely different when you’re walking underneath the Tower – such a cool experience, by the way!


Three things that I learned this summer:

  1. Be Ready for Anything. Since we were in Europe, we didn’t have the pleasure of using 3G or 4G when out and about. Meaning, we had to put all of our trust in our hotel’s Wi-Fi. Let me tell you that did not go so well. In Paris, we crashed our hotel’s Wi-Fi because so many of us were trying to upload videos and stories. The challenge we faced was trying to post things in real time. We were 6 hours ahead in Europe – that meant when the USA game started at 6:00 pm in America, it was midnight in Paris. So, we were up extremely late and working with terrible Internet, but after a few days we adapted. That leads me into my second point…
  2. Be Adaptable. I served as the co-host of NSCAA’s coverage of the 2014 World Cup. Whatever the producer told me to do, I had to do – and do it quickly. In Paris everyone wanted to take group pictures with the Eiffel Tower; however, we only had 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes, I had to take pictures, and also bust out my intro and outro – in one take. It was stressful, but I adapted. I think being ready for anything and adapting quickly is something essential in the PR/Journalism world. Lucky for me, I didn’t have too much trouble with it because I loved what I was doing and who I was working with. Which again, leads to my next point…
  3. I love Sports, Journalism, PR, and the Students in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. Late nights, long days, no Internet, carrying camera bags and tripods, and laptops everywhere – none of that bothered me. I learned how much I love what I do. Not only did I get to cover the World Cup, go to Europe and experience things that some people may never experience, I got to do it was some of my best friends. To say we were stressed is an understatement. However, everyone on the trip got along and worked through the tough times together. I could not have asked for a better summer internship.


Now, three goals I have for this semester:

  1. Increase the amount of likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter and Instagram! If you don’t already like all of Scripps’ social media outlets, GO LIKE THEM! #PersonalPlug
  2. Keep Dr. Stewart Happy. This is a HUGE one. This is my fourth year on the Scripps ImPRessions account and third as AE – I’m trying to keep Dr. Stewart happy by doing whatever he says.
  3. Kill It. It’s Fall Semester of my senior year, and I want my entire account to kill it – with whatever it may be! Do the best work we can possibly do, which I know is great work!


#Trending on Social Platforms

July 18, 2014

By: Hannah Wheeless @tweetsonwheels

Jeeter Re2pect campaign is trending right now on Twitter

Jeeter Re2pect campaign is trending right now on Twitter

From flip phones to iPhones, G2G to BAE, and highwaisted shorts to- well back to high waisted shorts, the latest trend is something we’ve all strived to keep up with at some point in our lives. Trends tell us what’s new or popular so we can be a part of it.

By collecting the most mentioned topics, phrases and words in social media posts, different platforms can display them for all their users to see allowing the opportunity to engage with others in the online community.  With an opportunity like that, many social networks couldn’t pass up utilizing this trending concept.


Hashtags may be the first place your mind goes to when thinking of trends. The introduction of the hashtag on social media allows users to categorize their posts making popular or trending topics appear in a column on the newsfeed or home page. However, trends can be created with or without a hashtag. Using a specific word or phrase in a post categorizes it with any other users post that also includes that word or phrase. After enough users start chatting about that specific topic, it becomes a trending topic.



Hashtags and Twitter go together like bricks and Court Street. The categorizing of trends through hashtags allows users to instantly engage in conversations with fellow tweeters about anything from the Scandal finale to record breaking brick wall, Tim Howard.  This hashtag concept has quickly been adopted by other platforms including Facebook, Vine, Pinterest and Instagram. Searching a word or phrase in theses platforms will lead you to a page that compiles photos, status updates or posts with that same topic.


Instagram uses trends the same way as its fellow social media friends. However, because Instagram is limited to only sharing images, they only have the “explore” page that displays images based on accounts you follow, images you’ve liked, as well as popular trending images within your area and around the world.


Whether you’re on YouTube for some laughs from your favorite Jenna Marbles clip or to attempt learning the latest dance craze, Youtube keeps track of who’s watching what and how often. They find trending videos and display them on their home page, dividing them into categories from sports, cooking and music. You can also use a hashtag in the description of your uploaded videos to make them more easily found by others.


Reddit is a website constantly being updated with anything from breaking news to goofy memes. The entire website is organized by up and down votes, likes and dislikes. Therefore, the top post has the most upvotes or is the highest trending post, followed by the next highest trending post and so on. This system allows trending topics to be easily available as well as become interactive.

At the end of the day, any website or social media platform is looking to find the most talked about topics and make them available to its users. Hashtag or not, when something big happens in the world or even just in your own town, social media platforms are the perfect place to get the details and join in on the movement.




Twitter Lessons from the A-List

December 2, 2013 2 Comments

As technology is evolving, so are the ethics of journalism. Part of the changing technology is the emerging presence and influence of social media. In 140 characters you can enhance or inhibit your professional career – so no pressure.

By having a presence on Twitter you are not only conveying your thoughts, ideas and work, but you’re building a brand that may be an employer’s first impression of you. And what better way to learn what to do, and not do, on Twitter than look at the people who arguably have the most influence on the Twitter community?

Here’s some lessons to take away from some of our favorite A-list celebrities.

Do show your personality. Oftentimes I will like, or dislike, a celebrity based on how funny and relatable I find their tweets. And yes, I do realize this may not be the best course of action.

Take Anna Kendrick for example. I saw her in Twilight and loved her in Pitch Perfect, but I never really thought twice about her until I found her Twitter, after which she instantly became one of my favorite celebrities.


Do promote your work. Promoting your work is important and now with the influence of the Internet, we have more power than ever before to set ourselves apart and promote our work.


Do connect with others. By reaching out to a firm or company before meeting with them, you have a great opportunity to set an amazing first impression. By connecting with others you can also promote collaborations. Jimmy Fallon does this before his show each night.


Don’t get into Twitter feuds. This one’s for you Kanye. Getting into a fight with Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter…probably not the smartest idea. So if you’re having an issue with a friend, colleague or stranger, it might be best to not display your emotions on the Internet for everyone to see. A simple phone call or text message might suffice in this situation.


Don’t drunk tweet. We get it, you partied, maybe drank a little too much. That doesn’t mean you have to turn to Twitter every time you have a crazy night. There are some things that are better left off the Internet, and drunken tweets are one of them.

LIamDon’t tweet only promotional things. When people only tweet promotional things to advance their careers, I get bored. It’s always more fun to follow people who spice up their promotions with some personality or fun anecdote.

-Carolyn Nachman is a junior studying strategic communication. Follow her at @CarolynNachman.


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