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Social Media Strategies Learned From @CraftRoomies

November 14, 2013 , , , , , ,

Those of you who know me know that I could honestly care less about the Ohio State University, or anything that goes on there. I am a true Bobcat through and through, and nothing will ever change that. However, I discovered this incredibly interesting Twitter account run by OSU students, and I am still in awe even though I found it months ago.

Aaron Craft is the starting point guard for the Ohio State basketball team. Alongside of being an all-around solid and impressive player, Craft is a pre-med major with a 3.92 GPA and is a First Team Academic All-American. Not to mention of course the fact that he has made it onto Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Hottest guys of March Madness” list two years in a row.

Needless to say, he is the OSU campus stud, and girls and guys alike consider themselves to be true fans. In early September, I came across an article in The Columbus Dispatch, stating the Aaron Craft had become engaged to his long time high school girlfriend.  After laughing to myself about the fluff that is considered newsworthy nowadays, I kept reading and discovered that Twitter had blown up with thousands of tweets from depressed girls commiserating about Craft’s now permanent relationship status. My personal favorites include the following.

TweetTweet 2

The story became national news, and was covered by CNN, ESPN.com and multiple other sources. I was intrigued. The best part by far, was when I discovered who broke the story, the @CRAFTRoomies.

Aaron Craft does not have his own social media sites (Frankly, I don’t blame him. Who knows what kind of crazies could stalk him on there), so his four roommates decided to create a Twitter account all about Aaron, by the people who know him best. The account currently has well over 13,000 followers, and includes Vine videos, photos and monthly twitter chats. It didn’t take me long to realize after checking it out, that these guys run this account in a creative and thoughtful manner that us as PR students could easily take a lesson or two from.

1. Know your Audience. OSU senior Logan Jones is one of the four roommates running the account. He and the others have taken into consideration their audience, and cater their tweets and promotions that way “ We have a lot of female followers and a lot of OSU fans in general so that is who we address our tweets to,” said Jones.  This means that they post things like Aaron’s baby pictures, and photos of random articles of his wardrobe…things every Aaron Craft fan would want to see.

In class we repeatedly talk about how important it is to cater your messages to your specific audience. Recognizing your audience is crucial to effective content writing, and is what helps you as the PR person to ultimately help the brand grow.

taco2. Make it Interactive. Craft’s roomies frequently tweet about their Tuesday taco nights and what a sacred tradition they consider it to be. Recently, the guys put together a contest where entrants would send in a Vimeo or Vine video about why they should be invited to taco night (guys only though, they don’t allow girls at their taco nights). The best video was chosen, and the winner was invited to have tacos with them the following Tuesday.

Allowing followers to interact with your account can promote more active readership, and ultimately more followers. Using fun promotions and tweet contests are fantastic ways to do that.

3. Be a Storyteller. One of my favorite parts about studying PR is when we get to talk about storytelling. Every person, company and brand has a story, and it is our job as PR people to tell these stories in the most creative ways possible.  I don’t think Craft’s roomies ever meant to do this necessarily, but I believe that they are acting as incredible storytellers.  Aaron Craft is what many would call a “campus celebrity,” and that is how his fans know him. But from what I have gathered, he is really just a normal, laid back guy, and he wants people to realize that. Now, his twitter followers have a better idea of who he really is, and he has his roommates to thank for that.

I immediately found this account to be funny and entertaining, but I was a little surprised to find it useful. Hats off to you, @CRAFT’SRoomies. Thanks to you, I am almost an OSU basketball fan (I said ALMOST…Go Bobcats!!!!!!!)

-Nicole Pellechia is a senior studying public relations. Follow her at @NPellechia18.

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September 9, 2014

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