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What Your Favorite Social Media Says About You

November 5, 2013 , , , , , , ,

As young people – especially as PR students – we hear it over and over again: “Social media is taking over the world!”

New social networking sites are popping up faster than we can download the apps on our smartphones, and your social media drug-of-choice can give a lot of insight into your personality. What does your favorite say about your personality?

FacebookFacebook: You social butterfly, you! You’re an extrovert who loves to be in the know about all your friends’ current events. Most likely, your friends have learned to stop sharing new gossip with you because your reaction is usually “I saw that already on Facebook!” You like to live in – and document – the moment, and try to live life to the absolute fullest.

PinterestPinterest: You’re a dreamer who loves making plans and lists. You love to organize in a fun way – no dry agendas or boring PowerPoint’s for you! You have big plans – and a lot of them – but whether or not you follow through on them can sometimes be anybody’s guess.

Work-wise, you may be a bit of a procrastinator – but you’re great at keeping the mood light and moving things along. You can generally get along with most people – as long as they don’t steal your photo album titles.

TwitterTwitter: Constantly on-the-go, you don’t have time to slow down and explain your whole life to someone. You’re fast-paced, like things neat and concise, and love it when everyone else can keep up with your whirlwind lifestyle. One of your greatest joys is when the barista nails your “Grande-hot-triple five-pump-vanilla-non-fat-no-foam-whipped-cream-extra-hot-extra-caramel-carmel-macchiato” without batting an eye

You can be demanding, but you get stuff done – and while you might butt heads when working in a group, the final result always blows everyone away.

TumblrTumblr: You dabble in a little bit of everything and have interests in a wide variety of categories – art, music, books, movies, fashion – whatever it is, you’re tracking the tag on Tumblr! You like to have things all gathered in one place, and often tackle projects by breaking each major component into smaller blocks.

WordPressWordPress: You’re pretty no-nonsense – chances are, you have your ideal career all mapped out and know exactly how it is you want to get there. You know what you want in life and are driven, but still enjoy having a creative outlet to vent every once in a while.

You’re the go-to person when people want to get down to business. You’re quick, efficient, organized and great at delegating.

LinkedInLinkedIn: If LinkedIn is your favorite social media tool, props to you. Seriously. Obviously, if you’re a fan of keeping your online resume (more or less) up-to-date to the minute, you’re focused on your career and have a clear goal in mind. You can get a little bit of tunnel vision sometimes, but as long as your Facebook-loving friend reminds you to stop and smell the roses, you’re able to keep a balance.

You’re not the type of person to turn down an opportunity, either – you have a lot on your resume, and you’re definitely proud of what you’ve done, but you’re not cocky. You let your ‘rents gush about all your achievements for you.

So how do you stack up? Maybe you fit the description to a T, maybe not – as long as you stay proficient with whatever social media outlet you choose, you’ll be on top of the game!

-Kelsey Tucker is a junior with a double major in strategic communication and Spanish. Follow her at @kelseyptucker.

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