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Bobcat Network: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

July 9, 2013 , , , , , , , ,

We hear it all the time – Bobcats are everywhere and willing to help you out. I always believed it when I heard those words, but this summer I got to experience it firsthand.

Over winter break this past year, I went on interviews and received an internship at a small agency in Cincinnati. I was ecstatic considering this would be my first internship, I had it lined up early and I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. Rawr

As the end of the school year was approaching I had been in contact with my boss and several of the employees. However, I began to feel uncomfortable with some of the comments that my boss had been saying to me (we will just leave it at that) so I made the VERY tough decision to quit. Keep in mind that it was the first week of May when this was all happening.

So, I went into panic mode as I began to search for a new summer internship. I emailed Professor Gerl and Professor Stewart, and they immediately emailed me back with suggestions and references. It was awesome to see how willing they were to help a student out. As I was searching through the references, I realized that two of the internships had Bobcat connections! I interviewed with both of them, and they both immediately pointed out how amazing their experiences had been at OHIO. I had so much in common with people whom I had never even met!

Long story short, I got offered both of the internships! I took a corporate route with Hobsons, an educational services company in Cincinnati, and I couldn’t be happier! Now, I have met even more Bobcats in the office, making it feel like home. It is a good feeling to have that connection with people that I work with. I’ve had conversations revolving around OHIO sports, Scripps and even Court Street. There are not many bonds stronger than a Bobcat bond, and this summer I got to experience it firsthand.

-Annie Beard is a junior studying public relations. Follow her at @annie_beard.

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