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Take a Bite Out of…Your Picnic Table?

July 2, 2013 , , , , , ,

Do you love chocolate? And PR?table

Then Cadbury’s recent PR campaign featuring a REAL chocolate picnic table will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The 60 kilogram chocolate picnic table made its appearance at Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire, England to celebrate National Picnic Week that took place from June 17-23.

The Cadbury bench was completely edible and supported a family of four. Who needs to pack a picnic when you can just eat the table?

You might ask yourself how the table survived without melting in the hot, summer temperatures. It was actually covered in a glaze to prevent damage from the elements and lasted the entire week without melting!

Although tasty, it wasn’t the comfiest table in the world. Prudence Staite, founder of Food is Art and creator of the table, tested it out herself.

She remarked, “The bobbly nature of the Picnic bar, due to its combination of milk chocolate, peanuts and puffed rice, meant I had to sit on a padded cushion!”

The bench was constructed using 400 Cadbury chocolate bars and stacked on top of the bench were Cadbury Picnic Bars handed out to visitors of the wildlife park. Picnic bars are one of Cadbury’s oldest and most-loved bars filled with nuts, wafer, rice crisps, chocolate and caramel.

Cadbury used Facebook and Twitter posts to create buzz about the chocolate bench and has since been covered by The Sun, Huffington Post and The Daily Star.

Why was this simple PR campaign so successful?

#1 Cadbury recognized a national week in order to bring recognition to its brand…easy PR win. When trying to leverage your client’s brand through PR, make sure you’re aware of current events and news, even those wacky holidays. Take advantage of well known events that the public already knows about and then relate your brand to it in a creative way!

#2 Snapping a few fun photos of the bench created great shareable content.Cadbury used a photo shoot with the chocolate bench to create buzz on social networks. It saw several retweets on Twitter and over 100 shares on Facebook. It’s true: A picture can be worth a thousand words.

#3 Who doesn’t love chocolate? I haven’t heard many people say, “I hate chocolate”. Cadbury successfully appealed to a wide chocolate-loving audience while also promoting its forgotten picnic bars.

Like Cadbury Dairy Milk on Facebook or follow @DairyMilk on Twitter to learn more about its PR campaigns!

-Carly Damman is a senior studying strategic communications. Tell her what you think about the campaign @CarlyDamman.

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