Philanthropy Spotlight: College Book Store Supports Big Brothers Big Sisters

By: Klare Williamson, Account Associate, College Book Store

College Book Store will be celebrating its fourth annual Sibs Weekend philanthropy event this weekend! February 8th – 10th College Book Store will be donating $2 from every commemorative Sibs Weekend shirt sold to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that allows students and volunteers to mentor elementary age children in their area. In 2012 the Athens chapter served over 250 children and uses donations from sponsors like College Bookstore to fund activities, transportation and costs of matching Bigs with their Littles. Recent events for the enrolled youth include canoe trips, pumpkin carving and visits to OU basketball games.

“I’ve seen so many kids helped through this program” said Hannah Brown, a freshman who just began volunteering at the Athens chapter. “It gives them someone to look up to and events to look forward to attending.”

Students interested in being a peer mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters can visit the website at or check out the Facebook page for more information about upcoming events and interviews.

“Seventy-five percent of our current matches are Ohio University students,” said Eric Long, community program coordinator. “We recently started a program for OU students without transportation that allows them to help out at after school programs at West Elementary.

Help support this great cause by purchasing a Sibs Weekend shirt for you and your visiting sib from College Book Store!

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