The Latest in Social Media Fashion: Hacking

By: Kiley Landusky 

Reently, mutiple twitter accounts have been hacked, but some are choosing to go faux. MTV chose to falsely hack their own Twitter account in response to the recent hackings of Jeep and Burger King Twitter accounts. Is this a smooth move in the public relations world? Most think not. Although it picked up attention, MTV’s wild idea weakened their trust with the public.

Its perhaps “immature” reaction to the situation was quite contrary to the other powerful businesses seriously involved with social media. A laughing matter to MTV was a serious crisis for others. The fear of trademark symbols being replaced with their competition and a loss of precious customers and followers set in and caused a rapid change in security for many companies.

Following the media crisis, PR Daily reposted a previous article from their site giving tips on how to keep social media secure. The best and most obvious solution PR Daily gave was to create complex passwords including a combination of capital letters, multiple characters and numbers. It also suggested purchasing password managers or utilizing free password managers to aide in creating unique passwords.

Using the same password is convenient to the individual and takes little memory capacity but is a serious risk when considered in public relations and big name companies. Extra security measures are a must and are held in high regard only when crises like Burger King’s and Jeep’s occurs. May this be a lesson to all handling social media for a sacred brand; take the extra step and protect your image!

Tips for the Career Fair

By: Whitney Hatano 

If the warm weather and sunshine hasn’t been enough of a clue that spring is among us, then maybe the Spring Career & Internship Fair will be. The fair will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 from 10:00am-3:00pm in Baker Ballroom. Most college students attend at least one career fair in their years at school. At first the concept of a career fair may seem extremely nerve racking and stressful but in the end it is a worthwhile experience. Try not to fret too much; here are a few tips for success at this year’s career fair!

A common piece of advice is to dress professionally! It doesn’t matter whether one is searching for a life long career or just attending the fair for the first time. Chances of a business taking you seriously while you’re still in your PJs are slim to none. First impressions are very crucial and you never know whom you’re going to meet. Being overdressed is more forgivable than being underdressed. The dressed up also does not mean putting on your going out outfit, make sure to clean up and look appropriate.

One of the most important tips is to do your research before the event. With long lines and packed rooms, it’s hard to scope out the entire fair without feeling even more overwhelmed than you probably already are. You also need to take into consideration that not every booth is suitable for you. Researching the companies present beforehand will make it easier for you to filter out which booths are worth stopping at. On the same note, be careful not to rule out any options because you may just be surprised about what a company has to offer. Research different companies by visiting their websites and reading their values and option positions to get a feel for their business. Social media is also becoming a great tool for companies, so try checking out their Twitter or like their Facebook page, too!

Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day can be tiresome, but keep that smile and handshake firm. If you show you’re genuinely interested in the employer, then they’re going to be just as enthusiastic to give you more information about themselves. Bringing your resume is only half of the battle; you have to have an impressive personality too. Potential employers are not going to want to hire someone who isn’t going to add to their company rapport. Try not to sell yourself too much though, employers want to hear about the real you, not a pitch you’ve repeated to every other booth.

These are only a few tips that can be used to make your career fair experience successful. Just remember to look professional, do your research and bring you’re a-game. Career fairs shouldn’t be scary; they are here to assist students in meeting new people and creating a professional network for free! 


Super Bowl XLVII: The Best and Worst of 2013

Briagenn Adams

Not only is the Super Bowl the biggest night for American football fanatics, but it’s also one of the biggest events for PR superstars and advertising addicts alike. During the 2013 Super Bowl this past Sunday, one 30-second advertisement went for as much as a record $4 million. Or – in other terms – about $133,333 per second of TV time. That’s almost enough money to pay for an Ohio University education seven years over. Whoa.

So, which companies spent their money wisely, and who would have done better investing elsewhere? PR daily named three of the best and three of the words advertisements this year.  

Let’s start with the worst. Honestly, who didn’t cringe during the kiss commercial? For many, that camera angle was a bit too close for comfort. The now-notorious lip lock that lasted a whopping 10 seconds took up 1/3 of the entire commercial, and cost the company almost $1.4 million. Talk about an expensive date!

Also in the running for worst commercial of 2013 was Beck’s Beer Sapphire advertisement, singing beta fish and all. There might have been an inside joke hidden in the ad somewhere, but we’re not getting it. Beta luck next time, Beck’s!

Last but not necessarily least was the Wonderful Pistachios “Gangnam Style” ad. Although this song has had its share of international acclaim over the past year, people were not pleased by its reappearance during the Super Bowl XLVII.

On a more uplifting note, other companies spent their money very, very well.  PR Daily has praised Audi, Best Buy and Taco Bell for having the best Super Bowl commercials of 2013.

Audi immortalized the secret dream of every teenage boy – to steal the Prom Queen’s heart and impress his entire school – during their 60-second time slot. The hashtag, #BraveryWins was tweeted over 3,000 times following the memorable commercial. Viewers couldn’t help but cheer with the boy as he drove his father’s Audi off into his own sunset of eternal high school glory.

Next on the list of best Super Bowl commercials was Best Buy’s hilarious escapade with comedian Amy Poehler.  Although anything Amy does is bound to be brilliant, Best Buy’s ad provided some much-needed and appreciated comedic relief during the nail-biting Super Bowl game.

And finally, Taco Bell’s, “Viva Young” commercial was a top rated ad. We all knew this was coming! The endearing performance of senior citizens going wild and living up the night could have made even the biggest fast-food hater crave nachos.

Some other memorable ads included Budweiser’s classic reunion story of a Clydesdale horse and his loving owner, Volkswagen’s controversial “Get In, Get Happy” Jamaican ad and Doritos’ makeup-clad, “Fashionista Dad” getup.

No matter the actual outcome of Super Bowl XLVII, the advertisements were, for the most part, all winners that night. 

Philanthropy Spotlight: College Book Store Supports Big Brothers Big Sisters

By: Klare Williamson, Account Associate, College Book Store

College Book Store will be celebrating its fourth annual Sibs Weekend philanthropy event this weekend! February 8th – 10th College Book Store will be donating $2 from every commemorative Sibs Weekend shirt sold to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that allows students and volunteers to mentor elementary age children in their area. In 2012 the Athens chapter served over 250 children and uses donations from sponsors like College Bookstore to fund activities, transportation and costs of matching Bigs with their Littles. Recent events for the enrolled youth include canoe trips, pumpkin carving and visits to OU basketball games.

“I’ve seen so many kids helped through this program” said Hannah Brown, a freshman who just began volunteering at the Athens chapter. “It gives them someone to look up to and events to look forward to attending.”

Students interested in being a peer mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters can visit the website at or check out the Facebook page for more information about upcoming events and interviews.

“Seventy-five percent of our current matches are Ohio University students,” said Eric Long, community program coordinator. “We recently started a program for OU students without transportation that allows them to help out at after school programs at West Elementary.

Help support this great cause by purchasing a Sibs Weekend shirt for you and your visiting sib from College Book Store!