How to Pack for your Summer Internship: What to Bring and how to Bring it

By: Hollie Amato

Its only week three and the list of things I have learned from my internship is already longer than I would have ever imagined. Just as I was surprised with how much I have learned already I am equally surprised with some of the unexpected knowledge that I have acquired.

Although I am only a few hours away from the beautiful and perfect Ohio University, I feel like I could travel pretty much anywhere and at anytime with the packing skills I have perfected. Within the past month I have moved from my junior year apartment to my senior year house back to my childhood home in Delaware (for a day) and to my summer condo in Hudson (with various stops on the weekends). Here is what my nomadic summer lifestyle has taught me:

Accessorize: One thing that I have found perfects the professional look is the accessories you put with your outfits. The right shoes and jewelry can make it seem like you’ve been doing this whole “business casual” thing for years. Keep it simple, but don’t be afraid to have some fun. A bright pair of flats or some showy bracelets can add some sparkle to a dull or neutral color scheme.

Prioritize: Before you go anywhere think about what you need for each day that you’ll be there. And let NEED be the key word. As much as you think you’re going to need that top you haven’t worn in over a year or 8 oversized OU hoodies, I promise you, if you will only be there for a few days, weeks or even months, chances are you don’t.

Organize: I am a sucker for lots of bags to put in my other bags to put in my other bags. Although my bag obsession is excessive, it does help with organization. If you know that all of your make-up is in one bag and your shower stuff is in another you aren’t running around the morning of your first day in your new apartment adding to your already crazy nerves and butterflies.

Finalize: Pack the night before not the morning of. Rushing around can cause you to forget something important or worse, be late. Although it can be a pain, getting your things together can be a quick task that you’ll be happy you did the next morning when you have that extra twenty minutes to catch the news, get coffee or my favorite: SLEEP.

No matter where you’re interning or what you’re doing the one thing that is always going to be expected of you is to be prepared. So as you pack your brain with knowledge all summer long don’t forget to pack your suitcase with everything else.

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