ImPRessions accepting 2012-2013 exec board applications

The 2012-2013 ImPRessions administration has been very busy in preparation for next year. Heather Bartman as CEO, Sienna Tomko as VP of Operations and Dan Mulvey as VP of Administration recently announced that ImPRessions is accepting applications for their 2012-2013 executive board!

Those interested in applying for account supervisor or account executive should submit the application, a resume and a cover letter to the PRSSA mailbox behind Scripps 111 by May 17 at 5 p.m. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.

Next year’s clientele promise great opportunities for upcoming executive board members and associates. Although they will not be announcing their official client list until the ImPRessions banquet on May 31, they have hinted at a few new clients.

“I said this coming into the VP of Administration position:  improving on what ImPRessions has already done won’t be easy,” Bartman said. “But this year was full of learning experiences and Nicole [Bersani, current CEO] and Rachel [Csaszar, current VP of Operations] have taught me well.”

Bartman, Tomko and Mulvey are also excited for a beginning-of-the-year kick-off meeting with new executives, supervisors and members, as well as professional advisor, M.J. Clark. There, members will learn more about their roles in ImPRessions and begin brainstorming for the year. More information will be released at the end of the quarter.

“Being a part of ImPRessions has opened a lot of opportunities for me,” Tomko said. “Anyone interested should definitely apply for executive board and take advantage of what ImPRessions has to offer.”

College Bookstore lends a hand

by: Devon Pine

This spring, College Bookstore teamed up the Ohio University’s Habitat for Humanity. The girls on the College Bookstore account set up a table on the corner of Court Street, across from the actual bookstore. Along with the table, they also had a huge Plunkit game set up with options for prizes at the bottom. Students would sign into Facebook with the computer and simply “like” the College Bookstore page ( With every like, one dollar would be donated to habitat for humanity. After liking the page, students would be able to drop a coin into the Plunkit game and would receive a prize depending on the space in which the coin landed. Many of the prizes included coupons to the bookstore; the biggest prize today was a $50 dollar gift card. One of the most popularly landed on spaces was extra five dollar donation that would be in addition to dollar from the like. Others last week included a $100 gift card for itunes. Account executive Kristin Yerecic said that it was really great to have people from Habitat for Humanity there to help with the fundraising and hand out flyers and other information about the organization.

Another successful #AskOUrPRos chat!

On April 25, ImPRessions and professional adviser, M.J. Clark, held their third #AskOUrPRos twitter chat. Industry professionals offered suggestions to students about creating and maintaining resumes, portfolios and digital portfolios. The conversation was great! And students used the opportunity to network with professionals while getting advice on marketing themselves for jobs and internships. Graduating students also benefited from the chat, as professionals discussed their personal tips and tricks for updating resumes and portfolios.

We’d like to thank all of our participants, professionals and students alike. Our next #AskOUrPRos chat is May 22, and we hope to see you all there!

To see a recap of our chat, check out our Storify.

College Green Mag to Host Environmental Filmmaker Joyce Johnson

By Katie Foglia and Elizabeth Krizner, College Green Magazine Account

On April 25, College Green Mag will be hosting environmental filmmaker Joyce Johnson. Her documentary film, “Mother: Caring For 7 Billion” will be shown in Walter 145 beginning at 7 p.m. 

Afterward, Johnson will host a brief discussion about the film and her methods, followed by a Q-and-A session. 

The film focuses on a pressing issue – population growth. In 2011 the world population reached 7 billion. Since the 1960s the world population has nearly doubled. The national and global attention toward that issue has declined in recent years. The topic must be dealt with sensitively due to the social, political and economic issues that are associated with it.

Population growth is part of a larger problem. The film’s purpose is to educate and to guide people toward new ways of thought. According to the film, the first step toward finding a solution to the problem is to change people’s mindset and to raise the status of women globally.  “Mother” sheds light on this issue in new ways.

According to the press kit on the film’s website, Johnson was also the producer of previous award-winning films, “Energy Crossroads” and “The Great Squeeze.” Before becoming an independent producer, she was a biology teacher and health educator who worked in teen pregnancy prevention. She also has a background in reproductive health. 

Christophe Fauchere not only aided Johnson as a producer, but also directed and edited the film.  According to the press kit, Fauchere is an award-winning filmmaker who has been working in the film and video industry for 15 years. He founded the production company Tiroir A Films in 2001. Fauchere produced and directed two acclaimed documentaries: “Energy Crossroads: A Burning Need to Change Course” and “The Great Squeeze: Surviving the Human Project.” Both of those films were selected at over 16 film festivals on five continents and won praise, as well as three “Best Documentary” awards.

The press kit also mentions that the film won several film festival awards, including Best Colorado Film at the Boulder International Film Festival and Best Social Issue Documentary at the DocuFest Atlanta. “Mother” also won Best Film at Population Institute’s 32nd Annual Media Awards. The film was screened at several locations throughout the country.

Several voices are featured in the documentary, including Dr. Malcolm Potts from the University of California at Berkeley, environmental writer John Feeney, William Ryerson from Population Media Center, Population Action International’s Esraa Bani and Population Connection’s Brian Dixon among others.

Stay in contact with the most recent updates on the event by following College Green Mag on Twitter at @CollegeGreenMag. Use the hashtag #JoyceJohnson when tweeting about the event.                                                                                                                       

For more information, visit and 

College Green Mag is an online student-run publication that focuses on environmental issues in Southeast Ohio.


#AskOUrPRos Twitter Chat is Back!

We are excited to hold our third #AskOUrPRos Twitter Chat Tuesday April 24 at 7 p.m.!

Topic: Resume, Portfolio, and Digital Portfolio Tips and Advice

Whether you’re a student applying for internships, a recent grad interviewing for jobs, or a current public relations professional, it’s important to keep your resume and portfolio up to date! During this Twitter chat, you can talk with students and professionals about tips and advice ranging from content you should include, layout or style, keywords and outside sites you can use, plus much, much more.

We will be administering the questions, so feel free to leave a comment with a question you have, or write on our Facebook event wall here:

If you have any questions, send us an email at We’ll see you on Twitter this Tuesday!

ImPRessions collaborates with Ohio University Student Chapter of Habitat for Humanity

by: Giovanna DelGarbino

“Like Awareness Day” is a philanthropy event that both ImPRessions and College Book Store have worked on together to raise money for the Ohio University Student Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

The event will take place Friday, April 20th from 12pm-2pm at College Gate. Every person coming to the event will use the provided laptops to “like” College Book Store’s Facebook page. For every new “like” that College Book Store receives on Friday, a one-dollar donation will be made to the Student Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Liking the Facebook page then becomes your ticket to play on College Book Store’s Plinko board!

College Book Store is generously donating a variety of prizes to be won such as t-shirts, bags, and hats. There is also a grand opportunity to win a $100 iTunes gift card for those who hit the extra five-dollar donation to Habitat for Humanity slot on the Plinko board!  During this event, our goal is to combine the awareness of College Book Store on campus while supporting Habitat for Humanity. Our goal is to raise approximately $500 for Habitat for Humanity and increase College Book Store’s “likes” by 300!

Come help us reach our goal while supporting a great cause. The chance of winning some great prizes doesn’t hurt either!

Use your connections

by: Emily Pifer

I am willing to bet that this is not the first time you have heard this advice. However, I think this is the best piece of advice for students new to Public Relations. Just a year ago, I was a freshman here at Ohio University. I felt a bit out of place around the prestigious professors and experienced students that make up the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. I wanted to be experienced too. This motivated me to heed the advice I had heard so many times before and to use my connections.

In high school, I made a connection with Sarah Irvin. This was through a scholarship I received from one of her clients, the Columbus Marathon. Sarah is a well-known, Columbus-based PR guru. It seemed like hopeless attempt, but I proofreaded my email over and over and then finally sent it. Surprisingly she offered me—the PR rookie—an opportunity to intern with her firm, Irvin PR, over winter intercession.

It was the first day of winter break this past year and I stood in front of my closet, trying desperately to put together the perfect “business-casual” look. I headed out the door with my laptop and a huge knot in my stomach. What was I getting myself into? I did not know the first thing about the real world of PR!

As I got closer to the city, amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Columbus in the early morning, I began to feel like a real PR girl. I still had no idea what being a PR girl entailed, but I was excited to find out. My internship was only about four weeks long, but I learned more than I ever thought possible in that short period of time. I did research for some of the firm’s accounts, pitched stories to local media outlets, edited press releases, attended meetings and enjoyed lunch dates with Sarah and her small staff. I soaked it all in and loved every minute of it. My time with Irvin PR taught me many valuable things about our future profession.

I have comprised a list of the most valuable things I learned from my internship, myths about the PR industry I found to be completely false and what is truly behind the glamorous life of a PR girl.

  1. Always be nice.

Sarah had to deal with many frustrating situations and people on a day to day basis, but she never once let her composure slip

        2.Return emails and phone calls fast, instantly if possible.

Delaying the process of communication is never productive.

       3. Save room for lunch.

This may sound trivial, but lunch outings spring up out of nowhere and you are going to want to take full advantage.

         4. Remember where you park your car.

I had to deliver 22 promotional gift bags all around the city in one day. This task would have been much less stressful without two hours of desperately roaming around Columbus in search of my vehicle.

5. Be prepared for changes in the plan and always be flexible. In PR, having a “Plan B” is just as important as having a “Plan A.”

This is something I picked up from Sarah along the way. Plans seemed to be made for changing, but she always had the next direction mapped out.

         6. A PR professional’s day does not end at 5 p.m.

Running a successful PR firm requires an immense amount of hard work—late nights, lots of emails and lots of pulling in all directions.

          7. Your reputation will follow you.

Everywhere I went with Sarah her sparkling reputation followed, but I know that this goes for bad reputations too.

         8. As a PR person, you are always representing yourself, your company and your client.

My affiliation with Irvin PR was present in every email I sent, phone call I made and errand I ran. It served as a constant reminder to exemplify the qualities of Sarah’s firm.

Using your connections is the best way to get started in the PR industry. I put my connections to use and gained irreplaceable experience. Don’t wait for the doors to open, open them yourself.