Winter break: what our members are up to

It’s Ohio University’s last winter break that goes from Thanksgiving till New Years — how have you spent your six weeks? Our members share what they’ve been up to from traveling the world to making money and spending time with family and friends. Happy Holidays from ImPRessions!

*If you’re a member and forgot to send us back an email, no worries. Email us at because we’d love to hear what you’ve been up to! Also, our apologies that some of the pictures did not come through clearly or not at all.

Caroline Allan, @Caroline_Allan
AE for Cardinal Health

I have spent my six week break working for UPS with my hilarious driver, Dan. Between delivering packages, he told me about his glory days competing in “lawnmower demolition derbies” and gave me advice such as, “fried chicken is the way to a man’s heart. You’ll thank me at your wedding.”

This is Dan.

Sam Bartlett, @SamBartlett_OU
AS for ButtOut Ohio, College Book Store & E.W. Scripps School of Journalism

Another UPS driver! Then doing family things with her and boyfriend’s (Pat) families.

Mollie Fitzgerald
AA for Inigral

This break I have been interning with the Alzheimer’s Association Cleveland Area Chapter! I am doing marketing, PR and event planning for them!

Kate Willse, @kwillse
AE for Student Senate

Interning my life away. I have spent my winter break as a PR and Marketing intern for both the Great Lakes Science Center and Blue Chip Consulting Group in Cleveland, Ohio.  Free time is spent indulging in Starbucks Peppermint Mocha’s and bad reality television. 

Andrea Harless, @andreaharless
AS for College Green and Athens County Humane Society

I spent a week in Paris studying art and architecture.  I also tried escargot which is a major feat for anyone that knows how picky of an eater I am! I attached a picture of me at the Eiffel Tower at night (completely amazing!)

Becca Reif, @Rebecca_reif
AE for Express

I’m going to rock out at the Trans Siberian Orchestra on Dec. 30!Carole Ivan, @caroleivan4
AA for Express

I went to Chicago for 4 days and got to perform improv comedy (on the same stage as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Chris Farley and more!) at iO theater and Chemically Imbalanced Comedy.  11 people from OU Improv went and we had a blast! I attached a picture of us on the stage at iO(I’m all the way to the left in the floral shirt and black boots).

Caleigh Bourglois, @CalesBourgeois
AA for Express

I’ve been selling accessories at Charming Charlie and running outside in this warm winter weather!

Cathryn Leal, @cathrynleal
AA for ImPRessions

This break I have been working at The Eisen Agency, a PR firm in Cincinnati! Last week I secured my first TV interview for a client on Fox19 News (woohoo!!!!).

Kieran Manzi, @MrKLM
AA for Bird Arena

Over break I was hired as a publicist for the DJ duo bustedBASS. This has helped keep me busy during my boring days back home with my family. Working with bustedBASS is a very enjoyable time, we hope to have some great events throughout winter quarter, so if any of our ImPRessions accounts are looking to throw a big event, you know the DJs to call and the publicist to talk to.

Ashleigh Mavros, @Mavrosa19
AA for Student Senate

I have an internship in downtown Sandusky at Krabill Marketing along with lifeguarding at the YMCA. In my free time I’ve been doing some enjoyable-not forced-reading, baking, catching up with the fam and friends, and a lot of daydreaming and preparation to study abroad in Mexico. Picture: Bonding time with my brother at his HS football banquet!

Nicole Germano, @nhgermano
AA for Cardinal Health

This break, I travelled to Boise, Idaho for the Famous Potato Bowl. Not only did I hike in gorgeous foothills and eat some fabulous food, I cheered on the Bobcats to their first bowl win in school history!

Hannah Rose
AA for Express

I spent three weeks in Vietnam working as an international student consultant for a hotel in Nha Trang with OUs Global Leadership Center. It was a ton of fun and I spent my days learning more about the communications industry working in conjunction with Vietnamese and American students, faculty and alum.

Klare Williamson
AA for Express

I went to France over break with Bobcats Abroad
to study art and architecture in Paris.

Heather Farr, @HeatherFarr12
AA for Express

This winter break, I jumped off a bridge overlooking
Victoria Falls in Zambia — one of the seven nature wonders of the world!

Sam Tischler, @sam_tischler
AE for College Green Magazine

This winter break I have been working for University Advancement in the Donor Recognition and Stewardship department. This is a PACE position (which also serves as an internship — nothing wrong with that!) where I assist in planning and staffing events for donors to the university.

Heather Bartman, @heatherbartman
VP of Administration

Over winter break, I’ve been working my Mary Kay business! I’ve been meeting weekly with my Regional Sales Director and I just launched my personal Mary Kay website,

Danielle Szabo, @daniellemhm
AE for ButtOut Ohio

Over break I traveled to Hilton Head Island, Disney World and Universal! I finally saw Harry Potter World, as well as spending much needed time with my family.

Megan Heileman, @MEGinit_rain
AE for Backdrop

During the 6-week break I have been catching up on my sleep, re-organizing for winter quarter, and applying for internships and study abroad programs. The most beneficial thing I did this break was enjoy a network date with Chip Mahaney.

Clare Lanning, @ClareFranLann
AE for AVW Productions

I have been working a lot over break as a server at Arrabiatas Italian Restaurant. I have worked there since I was 15 so it is aways great to come back and see everyone since it is a family owned restaurant and everyone is so close. Their food is amazing and it’s so hard to avoid good Italian food around the holidays and try to hit the gym instead! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Hope you had a great holiday!


AlyssaAlbertone, @AlyssaAlbertone
AE for College Green Magazine

I’ve been relaxing with family in Arizona and finally tried In-N-Out Burger for the first time! You’ll also see that I chopped all my hair off (7.5 inches worth)!

Camille Davis

AE for Up ’til Dawn

This break I got to do all my favorite things! I spent a lot of time with my friends and family. I hosted the Christmas party for my friends for the sixth year.  I also prepared some new decorations for the dorm in which I work.  My breaking was pretty quite, but so much fun!

Meghan Foreman, @meghanforeman56
AA for College Green Magazine

I’ve been working as a Promotions and Events Assistant at three Columbus-based radio stations owned by saga communications. I have worked there for 2 years now and love it! Some highlights of break included being stage director for the Sunny 95 Old Fashioned Christmas Show, which has been going on for 21 years now.
Alaina Martini, @AlainaMartini
AA for College Bookstore

Over break I ran my first 5k with my sisters.

Kristin Yerecic, @yerecick
AE for College Book Store 

The best thing about my break is that my older sister rescued the cutest puppy and brought him over for Christmas!

Nicole Bersani, @NicoleBersani
CEO of ImPRessions

For two weeks, I studied abroad in the Bahamas — hard work, right? I got the chance to explore the marine biology and ecosystem of Andros Island while scuba diving and snorkeling.

Rebecca White, @rebeccal_white
AS for Backdrop Magazine and Express 

I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and got to see Atlantis for the first time.

ImPRess clients and customers through design

By:  Ali Fortney
Associate, ImPRessions Internal Account


The term “public relations” encompasses a wide array of topics and techniques.  Many factors influence whether or not a company is properly using PR to its advantage.  Design can make or break a business’ public relations agenda.  While many companies are increasingly using social media such as Twitter and Facebook to connect with customers, they must remember basic PR techniques that will never get old.

For example, the magazine advertisement.  Many companies promote their brand through advertisements in large magazines such as People, Vogue, Time or Rolling Stone.  Businesses must keep in mind that the designs of advertisements are crucial in creating a successful PR campaign. When designing, the company must make sure the target audience is reached.  Public relations teams must first do research as to what the audience is looking for when it comes to branding.

Once research is gathered, the company is ready to design an advertisement public relations campaign.  The advertising and PR world are very much intertwined in the marketing aspect of the business world. When designing any form of advertisement, companies must remember a few simple steps:

  1. Keep it simple – No one wants to look at a print ad full of clutter.
  2. Be aesthetically pleasing – Make the advertisement appealing to the eye.
  3. Focus on the audience – Use research to determine what the audience wants.
  4. Make a statement with color – When advertising a brand, incorporate the brand colors into the advertisement.
  5. Less is more – Too many words or pictures in an advertisement can be a turn off for consumers.

Design is an invaluable part of the public relations process.  In many cases, it can determine the success of a company’s marketing campaign.  It is important to remember that the audience must enjoy the business’ marketing strategy, in order for the company to be successful.  Print advertising and design plays a huge role in PR and must not be forgotten amidst the social media whirlwind.