ImPRessions makes great first ‘Impression’

By: Ali Fortney

Associate, ImPRessions Account

The scene was typical, a sea of newly accepted Ohio University students in Templeton-Blackburn Memorial Auditorium opening weekend.  Hundreds of freshman Scripps students sat anxiously in silence, waiting for the introductions of the various JSchool related organizations on campus. There was something for every major:  public relations, magazine journalism, broadcasting, etc.  As the executives of each organization presented, they were overwhelmingly excited and made you really want to be a part of their chapter.  However, there was one organization that made a strong “impression” on me—ImPRessions.

Being a freshman with absolutely no background in PR, I was naturally nervous to attend the first meeting.  My anxiety soon subsided as I and the other attendees were able to choose the accounts that we wanted to work with from the eighteen ImPRessions accounts.  I was thankful to receive my first choice, and became an account associate on the Internal ImPRessions account.

I decided to work with the ImPRessions Internal account because we have access to each one of the eighteen separate accounts.  It is our job to interact and keep up with the different accounts in order to keep the public up to date with many incredible things going on within the firm.  The internal account is in constant contact with all accounts, keeping up on any current projects, events and promotions unique to each client.

As word spreads about ImPRessions, our firm is constantly adding new clients.  Among them this year was retail clothing giant, Express.  The Express ImPRessions team currently has been working diligently to report and analyze different sectors of Express, figuring out ways to possibly make their brand marketing more effective.  What a great opportunity for college students at OU to gain real world PR experience with such a well recognized, profitable company.

Each ImPRessions client relies on and trusts student associates to make their company more successful.  At ImPRessions, we strive to make each client more effective and widely recognized than they were before using our public relations firm.

As an account liaison, it is such a rewarding experience to see the impact that ImPRessions has on its clients.  From planning and promoting events, to research and marketing the various account brands, the firm plays a critical role in the success of their client’s business.  ImPRessions associates are exposed to a wide array of public relations that will undoubtedly be useful in future internships and careers outside of Ohio University.


How Steve Jobs changed the PR and Marketing World

By:  Annie Beard

Associate, ImPRessions Account

Apple is one of the most successful businesses to ever exist, and Steve Jobs was one of the most successful businessmen to ever live. What is one of the largest reasons for this success? Jobs’ insight on PR and marketing.

Steve Jobs did things his own way for the majority of his career, and it obviously worked out fairly well. He knew how to persuade people by telling his customers why they need his product and how much easier their lives would be with it. People loved Apple and couldn’t get enough of what he would say, because he knew what people wanted.   “Steve Jobs’ ultimate significance was as a marketer,” David Barton, who teaches information sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, told the Pittsburgh Gazette. “Without that marketing genius our world would be different.”

One of Jobs’ genius ideas was launching Apple events that included announcing and unveiling new products. While many technology companies attended events such as the Consumer Electronics Show to announce big news, Apple would avoid them. Instead, they would have their own events dedicated to only their products. This turned out to be one of the best ideas for promoting the company as a whole.

During the days after these Apple events, the new product would be the biggest talking topic. Everyone wanted the next big thing, and Apple always had the next big thing.   Some companies, such as Amazon, try to mimic these events by launching their own new products, but fail to be as successful as Apple.

Not only was Steve Jobs one of the most successful innovators, but also one of the smartest when it came to PR and marketing. There are so many things to learn from him, and how he changed the marketing world forever.

What did you learn from Steve Jobs?

Going Social

By: Emily Pifer

Associate, ImPRessions Account

Twitter: @EmilyPifer

There are a few things I cannot resist. Among them are meeting new people, the chance to put off studying for my midterms and helping myself to some free food. When I received the invitation for the Ohio University Radio Television Digital News Association’s “Social Media Social” this past Wednesday, I had to check it out.

Bradley Parks, Social Media Chair of RTDNA, delivered a presentation about social media and the way it can be used as a journalistic tool. He was extremely knowledgeable about social media and the right way we can use it to advance our careers. We are entering a new era of communications, my fellow members of Scripps!

Here are Brad’s social media tips that I found useful and most relevant in the field of Public Relations:

  • Still stuck on MySpace? Shut it down and join Twitter and Facebook instead.
  • Use Facebook to stay connected with your inner circle, not as a tool in your journalism toolbox.
  • Facebook and Twitter can be useful when researching sources.
  • Use Twitter to build your brand. It is important to create an effective web presence and a good image in the public eye.
  • Use your Twitter biography to establish that you are involved with PR.
  • If you are just getting started on Twitter, do not worry about numbers and do not be a member of “team follow back.” Instead, only follow people who capture your interest. Your follow should have value.
  • Private Twitter accounts are essentially useless. Let your voice be heard.
  • Use Twitter to connect with people. Reply to tweets and create a conversation with your audience.
  • Do not be discouraged if you were not invited to join Google+. According to Parks, it cannot compete with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Take a chance and start your own blog or video-blog. It is the easiest way to get your opinion and writing out to your audience! If it is interesting to you, chances are it will be interesting to someone else.
  • Use LinkedIn for business interactions. It is a great way to make connections with employers and potential employers.
  • Check out This website is an easy way to stay informed on what’s happening in the world of journalism.

Parks ended by quoting hip-hop legend and business mogul, Jay-Z. “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” These words reflect what we are all trying to do as members of ImPRessions and the Public Relations community. We can all take advantage of the new era of journalism to begin building an image, public voice and an unforgettable brand for ourselves and our companies.