Alumni reach out to ImPRessions to take on new client

By Carly Damman                                                                                                                                                                       Associate, ImPRessions account

This college porch is just one of many pages featured in the new prodcut being promoted by ImPRessions. PHOTO PROVIDED BY THE COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED OHIO UNIVERISTY COLORING BOOK.

As spring quarter comes to a close, ImPRessions welcomes a new client. The clients, Liz and Erik, are alumni of Ohio University and requested ImPRessions help promoting their product. The product, an Athens coloring book titled, The Completely Unauthorized Ohio University Coloring Book, focuses on places that Athens and Ohio University are known for, both academically and recreationally. The book is geared towards anyone who loves OU including current students, families of students and alumni.

ImPRessions CEO, Devin Hughes is thrilled to be working with alumni. He said, “Some of our best opportunities come from former Bobcats who are looking to get students involved. We have created quite a culture of alums giving back to ImPRessions, something I hope to instill in graduating seniors every year.”

Not only does working with alumni give ImPRessions the opportunity to give back to past students, but it also allows ImPRessions to gain valuable experience and become a better firm. “I will stress that this is far from charity–all of our clients who are alums have emailed me to say how thrilled they have been with our work. As ImPRessions grows in size and reputation, more and more individuals will realize the valuable results we can bring to their communication needs,” Hughes said.

The new account members hopes to give back to former students by implementing effective marketing strategies for their client’s coloring book. The client hopes ImPRessions will generate some excitement for the coloring book through Facebook, Twitter and their online website.

The new ImPRessions account is currently working on promotions for the book. They created a Facebook page to generate awareness and hope Tweeters will follow them on Twitter at @OUColoringBook. The account hopes to offer giveaways and promotions through Facebook and Twitter. Additional information can be found on their website including samples of the pages, price information and an online ordering option. The Completely Unauthorized Ohio University Coloring Book went on sale May 20 and can be ordered online anytime at

ImPRessions and the account continue working hard to bring success to the sale of the coloring book. Producing quality work for alumni is important for ImPRessions in  order to gain additional valuable clients in the future.

Hughes said, “I am happy that ImPRessions has fostered such great relationships with alumni, and hope it continues to do so far after I am gone.”

AVW reaches out to students through social media

By Clare Lanning                                                                                                                                                                        Associate, AVW Productions account

Upon starting spring quarter, our goal for AVW Productions was to continue generating ways to extend their network using social media. Since Greek Week is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year for Greek life on campus, with around 10 percent of the student body participating, our ImPRessions team thought that there would be no better event to cover to bring more publicity and awareness to AVW, particularly Ohio Sports Zone (OSZ).

Eager and excited to participate in the annual Greek activities, we began to brainstorm how OSZ could be incorporated into the events and get the student body involved and intrigued by AVW. After discussing it with the AVW productions team, we decided to dedicate a whole OSZ show to Greek Week that would capture all the events of the week.

The most popular event of Greek Week is Air Bands. We aimed to capture the spirit of the event and create a competition. Starting April 17, anyone who “liked” the AVW Productions Facebook page could participate in the Greek Week Competition and vote for their favorite air band team by “liking” the team’s album cover. The winning team who had the most “likes” by April 28, would receive a professionally made DVD of their Air Band performance.

Members of the AVW ImPRessions team spread the word about the competition and it started off very successful with hundreds of students liking the page. OSZ was filming throughout the entire Greek Week and had planned on putting clips of the highlights on the AVW Facebook page daily to generate more interest for the show. Also, the producer of OSZ, Mike Zorbas, was going to select his favorite team from each event and that team will be featured in a segment called “Producer’s Pick.”

Everything was executed and planned to perfection until the middle of the competition when we were informed that the Greeks were no longer willing to cooperate. Our efforts to generate positive publicity for OSZ and AVW were not appreciated by the Greek committee. They viewed the competition as becoming “too competitive” and as an event that was taking the spirit out of Greek Week. This was no our intention as we were trying to work with the Greek organization in a positive way. As an account in ImPRessions, we would like to see this competition possibly continue in the upcoming years, but it is obvious that better communication must take place. It was obvious, from the student body responses and reactions to the competition, that contact with the Greek committee must start at the beginning of the year in order for everything to run smoothly.

Although our plan and creativity was extremely beneficial, we could have used a back-up plan and done further research with the Greek committee to prevent the unfortunate series of events that occurred. Overall this was a major learning experience for our account and something we hope other ImPRessions teams can learn from as well.

Bob Evans account brings awareness throughout Ohio and beyond

By Ashante Rone                                                                                                                                                                                  Associate, ImPRessions account

The Bob Evans account hosted a family fun night in Pickerington, OH, just one of the many locations ImPRessions was responsible for promoting this year.

The Bob Evans account was entrusted with several responsibilities throughout the 2010 – 2011 school year. Fall quarter, the account was given their first task from the Bob Evans in Pickerington, OH.

“One of the major responsibilities we had was the very first thing we did fall quarter, when we created a competitive response plan to increase sales in Pickerington, OH because there were IHOP’s being built in the area,” said Rachel Csaszar,  account executive of the Bob Evans account.

IHOP is one of Bob Evans competitors. Csaszar and the account created a well thought-out response plan, which was well received by the client according to Csaszar. One of the major tactics implemented from the plan was the Family Fun Night held October 25. The account helped plan and host the event for the Pickerington community. The turnout was huge and they successful raised awareness and sales in the area. Another responsibility for the Pickerington location was reaching out to booster clubs and keeping the local community informed of the restored restaurant.

Winter quarter, the account attended the opening of the Bob Evans in Mount Vernon, OH. “Another major responsibility we had, was just to attend the opening of a new restaurant in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. We were in charge of helping with the prize giveaway table,” Csaszar said.

Finally, during winter quarter, ImPRessions was asked to brainstorm ideas to bring awareness and inform target audiences in Jacksonville, FL of a new Bob Evans restaurant that was soon to open.

Bob Evans had a busy year, and as it comes to an end they are working out one final event. The account is teaming up with fellow ImPRessions client Up ’til Dawn to host a 5k with a breakfast buffet. For more details on this upcoming event see the Facebook event or our previous post Bob Evans and Up ’til Dawn collaborate for a good cause.

May associate of the month

By Rebecca Reif                                                                                                                                                                             Associate, ImPRessions account

Looking to supplement her classroom learning with some hands-on experience in the public relations field, sophomore Kate Willse found that joining ImPRessions was a great way to make this happen. Willse, a public relations major and a business minor, heard about ImPRessions during a PRSSA meeting her freshman year.

“I thought joining ImPRessions would help me gain knowledge as to how public relations is incorporated into a business or organization. I wanted to get the opportunity to expand my skills and work with other people in the PR field,” Willse said.

Willse currently works as an account associate for the College Green Magazine account with ImPRessions. She said that her experience as an account associate has helped her learn more about how PR campaigns work, as well as expand her credentials as a public relations professional.

“Being an account associate has taught me that failing is not always a negative thing. You can work for weeks on a campaign only to find that it is not successful, or that your client changes what they want. I have learned that this is okay. A true professional will use their failures as motivation to make their future work bigger and better,” Willse said.

In addition to her involvement with ImPRessions, Willse is currently the Executive Vice Chair of the University Program Council and a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, reading and participating in 5k races. She will be interning with the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio next winter intersession, and would love to intern with a public relations firm before she graduates. Willse hopes to be the CEO of her own public relations firm someday.

Bob Evans and Up ’til Dawn collaborate for a good cause

By Samantha Caulfield                                                                                                                                                                   Associate, ImPRessions account


ImPRessions’ Bob Evans and Up ’til Dawn accounts are proud to announce an exciting collaborative event. The two accounts are coming together to to promote the “Up ’til Dawn 5k, Helping St. Jude One Step at a Time.” All proceeds from the race will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Up ’til Dawn account wanted to host the 5k to help with fund raising. At St. Jude no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay according to their website. The account invited Bob Evans to help with promotion and add an extra appeal for participants.

“This will provide some great advertising for the Bob Evans restaurant down here in Athens,” said Rachel Csaszar, Bob Evans account executive.

The accounts are also excited to announce that DJ Pro Bono will be at the end of the race, helping the participants through the last stretch to the finish line.

The race will be May 22 starting at 10 a.m. at Ping Recreation Center. The race will finish at the Walter Hall lawn where a breakfast buffet will be provided by Bob Evans. Registration is $15 which includes a t-shirt and the breakfast buffet. To register email Checks can be dropped off to 111 Irvine Hall, on West Green.

For more information see the Facebook event “St. Jude 5k with Bob Evans Buffet” or find them on Twitter with the hashtag #stjude5k.

ImPRessions invites community to “ButtOut”

By Sydney Cologie                                                                                                                                                                       Associate, ImPRessions account

The ButtOut Ohio account hosted "A Night Out to ButtOut: Salsa Dance Night" to raise awareness for the Ohio Department of Health campaign.

A Salsa dancing themed event was held by ImPRessions’ ButtOut Ohio account at The Pigskin Sports Bar and Grill last Wednesday, April 27 from 8 p.m to 11 p.m.

The goals for the event were just one piece of the puzzle to their larger campaign goals. The ImPRessions account aims to make ButtOut Ohio a widely known program and inform students of the resource. “Our goal is to make ButtOut Ohio known on campus.  It is a state-wide campaign, but if we can at least get it known here that would be a good start,” said Andrea Harless, account executive.

ButtOut Ohio is a fairly new program for the Ohio Department of Health, so ImPRessions needed to take the first steps for the campaign to get noticed on the Ohio University campus. The account’s challenge is to create awareness of the campaign in order to reach out to the rest of Ohio and consequently encourage the Department of Health to put more funding into the program.

The event was packed with food, contests, music and sombreros. “We had a lot of people dancing, participating in contests and actively asking questions about ButtOut Ohio. We had slides on one of the TV screens that had smoking facts on them which was a hit,” Harless said.

Local and well know Dj iShine kept the event feeling modern and upbeat. Along with the salsa music playing periodically, there was a good mix that kept people enjoying themselves. There was also free food, that was delicious I might add, and drink specials that were being served throughout the night. There were a variety of contests taking place, such as the best salsa contest and a game of limbo. There were also contests that pertained to the LGBT related smoking facts that were being shown on the TV, with a chance to win a prize.

Despite the crazy storm that took place that night, it did not keep ImPressions’ ButtOut Ohio account from having a positive attitude. Harless the said that although the turnout was not what she anticipated the quality was fantastic and many people were recognizing the smoking problems within the LGBT community. Overall the event was a success.

April associate of the month

By Rebecca Reif                                                                                                                                                                         Associate, ImPRessions account

Congratulations Sara Sloat, April Associate of the Month

Although she is busy, freshman Sara Sloat is happy that ImPRessions is a part of her hectic schedule. Sloat believes that being a member of ImPRessions has helped her develop a realistic picture of what working in the PR field is truly like.

“The hands-on experience I have received from being a member of ImPRessions has really helped my understanding of the field of public relations. ImPRessions has provided me with the kinds of experiences that you can’t have inside of the classroom,” Sloat said.

In addition to being an account associate for the ButtOut Ohio account in ImPRessions, Sloat is also an active member of PRSSA, PR Chair for the Western Equestrian Team and a member of the Sigma Kappa Sorority. She decided to join ImPRessions when she learned that as a member she would have the opportunity to plan real events and work with real clients.

“Being an account associate is hard work, but very rewarding.  I love doing PR, and being part of ImPRessions is a lot of fun,” Sloat said. “I have also learned some very valuable skills—like learning how to use the program InDesign as a freshman—and that is something that makes my experience with ImPRessions unique,” she said.

Sloat hopes to move to Washington D.C. after graduation, and is interested in doing public relations work for health care and hospitals. “I would also really like to study abroad in Spain next winter,” Sloat said.