College Book Store account anticipates Mom’s Weekend success

Carly Damman                                                                                                                                                                                    Associate, ImPRessions account

College Book Store will be selling Mom's Weekend t-shirts to raise money for My Sisters Place. PHOTO PROVIDED BY COLLEGE BOOK STORE

As Mom’s Weekend quickly approaches, the College Book Store account wraps up last minute preparations for the event. From handing out fliers to designing graphics for this year’s Mom’s Weekend t-shirt, the College Book Store account hopes for another successful event.

The account was successful in the past but co-account executive, Alexis Sweet hopes to be even more successful this year saying, “We’re really excited about this [weekend] and hope it will bring in more money than last year, especially since Mom’s Weekend is traditionally one of the biggest events, and we have really been improving our promotional efforts since last year”.

The College Book Store account made a few changes from last year’s Mom’s Weekend event. Similar to Sib’s Weekend, the College Book Store account will set up a Plinko game board outside the store from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday afternoon to draw in customers.

Sweet said, “I am most excited for the Plinko board we will have outside of the store. It was a lot of fun last time, and drew tons of people into the store, so I’m hoping there will be an even greater response this time, especially since we have improved it a lot!” In addition, the account will provide fliers to local hotels to hand out to moms as they check in. They hope to include the fliers in the hotel’s “welcome packet” that they give to each customer highlighting local attractions and activities as well.

In terms of preparation, the College Book Store account will be hanging posters around campus this week similar to their other major events. They have also been working on refining the Mom’s Weekend press release and hope to circulate that to local news organizations this week.

“Our account has been doing a great job planning the promotions, such as designing our posters and fliers and getting those out to businesses and hotels. We also wrote the press release as a group, and the associates will make media follow-up calls next week” Sweet said. Each account associate has been working hard to make Mom’s Weekend a success.

With Mom’s Weekend right around the corner, the College Book Store account awaits the arrival of Bobcat Moms for one of the biggest events of the year. They hope their promotional improvements will attract more customers to the store and bring more success to the event.

Alden Open invites Athens community to explore and enjoy

By Myranda Owca                                                                                                                                                                     Associate, ImPRessions account

Ohio University students prepare to putt into a fourth floor hole at the first annual Alden Open Golf Tournament

Last Friday Alden Library held the first annual Alden Open Mini Golf Tournament. Alden’s third through sixth floors were filled with parents, kids and Ohio University students having fun while putt-putting through the eighteen holes from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

“Our main goal for the event was to raise awareness to students,­ and to get students to come into the library and check out the different floors,” said Nina Bressau, co-account executive of the University Libraries account.

Door prizes included tickets to the B.o.B. Concert, tickets to two Cleveland Browns pre-season games in Aug, and various gift cards along with numerous other things.

“The event went great I thought,” said mini-golfer Jessica Newton. “It was all very family friendly and a great environment to relax on a Friday.”

The event was a success and the mini-golfers agreed. All enjoyed spending time with loved ones and close friends while wandering through the floors exploring freely as they played.

Participation cost $10 per person or $50 for a team. Teams could pre-register online or simply walk in. The course wound through book shelves and even down the stairs for the eighteenth hole. The Alden Open had delicious pizza and refreshments for the participants. There was also a chance to get your picture professionally taken with your team before you started to play.

Bressau said, “I think the event went well. The students who played seemed to have a really good time. However, we are now coming up with strategies to make it more successful next year.”

Performing Arts Series produces results on spring campaign

By Samantha Caulfield                                                                                                                                                           Associate, ImPRessions account

Last Tuesday, the Ohio Performing Arts Series welcomed the highly anticipated Broadway Musical Avenue Q to the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

The play is a hilarious story of a bright-eyed college graduate who finds himself living in New York City on Avenue Q with some nice, yet interesting, neighbors. Together they search for jobs, dates and their purpose in life. The play consists of a mixture of actors and puppets, though it is directed towards an adult audience, making it all the more exciting to watch.

In preparation for the play, the ImPRessions Ohio University Performing Arts Series (OUPAS) account began coming up with ideas to spread the word of the touring Broadway Musical.

Rebecca Goodburn, one of the OUPAS account executives, felt that the account came up with lots of great strategies to promote the event, and was pleased with the results.

“We worked hard on promotion for Avenue Q for about four months, so it was extremely rewarding to finally finish up and see how we did,” Goodburn said.

They hosted an event at The Pigskin Sports Bar & Grille in which they had cut-outs of Avenue Q characters, and the first students to post pictures of themselves with the “face-in-hole” posters won free tickets to the show.

Goodburn was very pleased with the turnout, and the way the account went about the planning. “Everyone on the account really started to come together on this project, which was fun and exciting to be a part of that collaboration.”

Overall, the event went great and the account was very pleased. Co-account executive John Marvar was excited about the experience the account gained from promoting such a large event.

Marvar said, “We were happy with the work we did and the results we saw, which was a huge deal, since the ROI on this project was on us.”

“Gasland” event to facilitate relevant discussions

By Sydney Cologie                                                                                                                                                                        Associate, ImPRessions account


College Green Magazine, Ohio University’s student-run online publication, will host an event that is creating a lot of buzz around campus. On April 20, The Academy Award nominated director of “Gasland”, Josh Fox will visit our campus for a lecture titled “Ohio: The Next Gasland?” This event will be held in Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium at 8 p.m. and includes a screening of the film and a Q&A session after with fox.

“Gasland” takes a look at the controversy surrounding Hydraulic Fracturing or “Fracking.” Fracking is the process of using millions of gallons of sand, water and chemicals under high pressure to extract natural gases letting them flow freely out of a well. It is suspected to cause illness, and some area residence claim that it made their tap water flammable.  The Ohio government is proposing that we use this new technology here on our state lands.

Sandi Combs the outreach coordinator and College Green Account executive said, “Fox’s documentary shows some shocking effects of fracking on water supplies, and we want members of the community to be informed about the practice and start talking about it. It is very important to us to generate discussion among those who are for, against and undecided about it.”

Fracturing is not only going on in Ohio but is hitting close to home by the governments proposal to allow drilling to be done is state parks in Southeastern Ohio. This will put the environment and public health at risk here in Athens. College Green has invited representatives from state and local government, oil and gas industries and environmental groups to stimulate a discussion that looks at all viewpoints in hopes of educating the community.

For more information on the event, check out the College Green Facebook page.

ImPRessions welcomes 2011 – 2012 leadership

By Rebecca Reif                                                                                                                                                                                  Assocaite, ImPRessions account

ImPRessions will begin next school year under the new leadership of Nicole Bersani as CEO, Rachel Csaszar as VP of operations, and Heather Bartman as VP of administration. Bersani, Csaszar and Bartman have all been involved in ImPRessions since their freshman years, and they are excited for the firm’s future.

After receiving national affiliation from PRSSA last quarter, ImPRessions wants to continue establishing solid connections through their national recognition.

“Because PRSSA has asked ImPRessions to be a mentor to other student-run public relations firms across the country, we plan to keep our message strong and consistent. Right now, we are in the transition stage between ImPRessions’ old executive board and the new one, so as the new CEO I am trying to learn as much as I can to assure that our firm continues to run smoothly,” Bersani said.

As the new CEO of ImPRessions, Bersani will handle day to day activities within the firm, interact with the firm’s client base, work on recruiting new clients for the firm and assure that each account is interacting effectively with their client. Bersani also plans to help ImPRessions apply for PRSSA’s nationally-affiliated student organization awards and the Teahan awards.

Csaszar, like Bersani and Bartman, started out as an account associate in ImPRessions and has worked her way up to her new position as VP of Operations. In her new position, she will be working internally within the firm to assure that each account is staying consistent with the firm’s goals.

“I’m most excited about having a more in-depth role in ImPRessions, and getting to work more with our firm’s adviser, M.J. Clark,” Csaszar said.

As a sophomore and the youngest of the new leadership, Bartman said she is excited to learn from Csaszar and Bersani and is thrilled to be ImPRessions’ new VP of administration.

“ImPRessions is such a prestigious firm and I am proud to say I am a part of such a wonderful student organization. Since joining ImPRessions last year, I have watched the firm grow and succeed. It’s going to be hard to improve a firm that is doing so well, but I am looking forward to the challenge,” Bartman said.

ImPRessions is currently accepting applications for account executive and account supervisor positions. Everyone is encouraged to apply! Please fill out the application and return it to the PRSSA mailbox no later than 5 p.m. on May 6. Electronic submissions will not be accepted.

Prescription for Prevention aims to educate through peer-to-peer

By Lexi Messenger,                                                                                                                                                                            Associate, ImPRessions account

The Prescription for Prevention account is teaming up with the Athens High School student advocacy committee, consisting of student council members, to bring awareness to their campaign.

The account’s peer-to-peer outreach goal is to create a comfortable environment in Athens County schools for students to educate their peers about the legal and lethal consequences of prescription drug abuse.  Athens County has been identified as an area of high risk prescription drug abuse and until recently little has been done to create awareness.  The Prescription for Prevention account is hoping to resolve this problem through their education campaign.

The campaign consists of recruiting school leaders, such as student council members and National Honor Society members, to advocate Prescription for Prevention.  These student leaders will plan events and speak to their peers about prevention prescription drug abuse.

Currently, the account is in the planning to sponsor a movie night at Athens High School, where they would distribute education materials.  At this event they would speak more in depth to the students about the problems of prescription drug abuse.

Later this quarter, Prescription for Prevention hopes to have an assembly at the high school to raise even further awareness.  Their peer-to-peer outreach goals also consist of possibly teaming up with Cardinal Health to organize an event on the Ohio University campus at some point further in their campaign.  Make sure you check out the Prescription for Prevention: Stop the Epidemic page to find out more facts about the effects prescription drug abuse.

The Media Pendulum: From Traditional to Social and Back

By Bryan Blaise

Editor’s note: Bryan Blaise is a graduate of the University of South Florida and is currently a senior account executive at GolinHarris Chicago.

I was actually one of those college students who waited for the day that my university received a Facebook network. And as I began my career in public relations at Fleishman-Hillard Chicago, social media really exploded. Twitter, Digg, RSS Feeds, YouTube — every public relations campaign had a strong social media component, many at the center of strategy. Our company even had a commitment to have all employees fully “switched on” and capable of counseling and executing social media campaigns for clients.

And why not? Practitioners could deliver messages directly to consumers at very little cost. And measurement — public relations’ biggest bane — was finally possible. Media relations still held its firm role within our field, but this new media’s aura and possibilities quickly took up more and more clients’ and practitioners’ mind space and budgets. We were all social media centric — and anticipated great results from our hyper-networked, Tweet and post-filled efforts.

Now a few years later, I’ve watched the communications pendulum swing back as we’ve come to understand a little more clearly social media’s role within the media mix and our own campaign mixes. Stop and think about your Facebook and other social media “friends.” Besides inane posts about that tough final or exciting party after the football win, what are they sharing? If they’re sharing anything related to a company or event, more than likely it’s accompanied by a link to a news story or article online, typically by a major news outlet or blog. Sometimes it’s a viral video or promotional site.

Today (and who knows where it will be tomorrow) social media in integrated marketing campaigns really can be leveraged in two ways. First, involves traditional media relations and the prized skill of pitching. A client’s story should be packaged and pitched not just to the beat reporter, but social media and online reporters. An online story from a credible media source can exponentially increase the likelihood of it being shared via social media channels.

Simultaneously, companies must create direct brand engagement opportunities, supported by social media. Whether a flash mob, trade show event or intriguing product launch, consumers who are given a unique and exclusive experience with brands will more than likely share it with their networks. Providing event assets (e.g. photos or video) or on-site access to social media sites for those without smart phones, even further ups the probability of sharing.

Now add in the third aspect — using a client’s own social media channels and sites to share the story.

Together these three can reap the greatest amount of online exposure and sharing. The first two credible sources in the eyes of consumers, back up the reiterated claims of the client’s social media sites. And hopefully, all lead to the greatest number of sales, attendees or other variables for your clients.