February associate of the month

By Samantha Caulfield                                                                                                                                                                         Associate, ImPRessions Account

Raised in Murrysville, Pennsylvania Krisitn Yerecic ventured to Ohio University this school year to begin her studies in Public Relations. Yerecic is a freshman and a member of PRSSA as well as ImPRessions. She is an active member on the Backdrop Magazine account and the February Associate Of the Month.

When asked about how she got involved in ImPRessions Yerecic said, “In my first journalism class my professor Hugh Martin mentioned PRSSA and ImPRessions. He talked very positively about the clubs and the importance of getting involved on campus, which encouraged me to attend both meetings.”

Yerecic contributed a lot to her account. During the rebranding campaign for the new look of Backdrop Magazine, she helped organize and work the table at Baker Center. The Backdrop account is currently helping plan and promote the upcoming MAYDAY concert event, in which Yerecic says she is looking forward to helping create information to promote it.

When Yerecic is not busy with school and clubs, she likes to do gymnastics, cheerleading and spend time with her family and friends. Being close to her family means a lot to her. When asked about her future career goals, Yerecic says not only is she considering entertainment PR but she would also like to end up back in her hometown doing PR for her family’s business.

Kristin Yerecic is a wonderful account associate, and it is clear that she values being apart of ImPRessions. Yerecic said,  “I love being able to get real work experience and add pieces to my portfolio. I feel that ImPRessions allows students to fully understand the real life work experience in the early years of college.”

National PRSSA grants ImPRessions national affiliation status

By Myranda Owca                                                                                                                                                                            Associate, ImPRessions account

ImPRessions is proud to announce they are now nationally affiliated through PRSSA as a student-run firm and will be until 2014.

There are more than 100 student-run firms in the country, but only top-notch firms that meet certain specifications set by PRSSA are granted national affiliation status, a signification of a firm’s adherence to the highest standards of public relations work.

“Ohio University’s PR firm has been consistently strong for so many years, and it’s sincerely gratifying to see the hard work of so many amazing students recognized in this way,” expressed M.J. Clark, professional adviser to ImPRessions. “As an Ohio University alumna and former OU PRSSA member, I feel great pride in the entire ImPRessions team for achieving this exclusive honor,”

PRSSA also specifically asked that ImPRessions be used as an example to other firms who are in their early stages, an offer the firm was happy to accept as it pursues a strong relationship with PRSSA and other student firms.

“The firm as a whole as well as every member will benefit from this because it allows recognition at both the National PRSSA and PRSA levels and access into a higher level of professional and student-base opportunities,” said Nicole Bersani, vice president of administration.

Growth in ImPRessions this year strengthened the firm’s diversity and helped with receiving national affiliation, Bersani explained. Diversity in the firm now ranges from health care to entertainment to non-profit.

“With the diverse clientele comes diverse work. We had various projects, campaigns, events and plans from each account that prove the hard work our members have been completing,” Bersani said. “Also, M.J. Clark’s knowledge and involvement has been apparent to not only the PRSA and PRSSA network but also to our firm in supporting us through the entire National Affiliation application since the beginning.”

With more members, the firm was able to service a large amount of clients and demonstrate its ability to balance such a large firm. It is about what our members put into their work that really shined through to the national level.

“I enjoy looking at a large member spreadsheet, but I enjoy even more when a client sends me a note raving about the great work we did for them,” said CEO Devin Hughes. “You receive National Affiliation because you do great work, so every member of our firm should be patting themselves on the back today, because they were the ones who made this possible.”

To Bersani, the application exemplified ImPRessions as one of the best student-run PR firms around.

“We did just that,” Bersani said. “Having this awarded to our firm means that we take all of our firm’s accomplishments and apply for PRSSA student-run firm awards as well as reach a brand new level of recognition and professionalism.”

According to Hughes, obtaining national affiliation does not mean the work stops; rather, it will force the firm to keep looking to improve upon what it has done and constantly create new ideas to better the firm in all aspects.“If we slip or get lazy, we might not get our affiliation renewed. A constant pursuing of affiliation will always push us to get better, and that is very good for an organization,” Hughes said.

Being recognized as a nationally affiliated firm will help immensely in creating future growth, a theme Hughes has pushed throughout the year.

“Achieving National Affiliation will help ImPRessions grow in size and credibility,” Hughes said. “By applying this label to ImPRessions, we can show prospective clients that an outside governing body has recognized us as a top-notch student PR firm, which gives them confidence that we will do great work for them.”

A Valentine Victory

By Myranda Owca                                                                                                                                                                            Associate, ImPRessions account


The AVW Productions Valentine Variety show was a hit. The event featured stand-up comedy from the company’s comedy shows, Fridays Live and Baby Mountain. The event also featured numerous performances and bands such as, Eudora Pelerson, Daniel Ahrens, Zachary Coleman, Jake Loew, Dan Baker and The Trap Kings.

The Valentine Variety Show took place in The Front Room in Baker Center Wednesday, Feb. 9 at seven thirty and ended around nine thirty. There was constant attention from students who came to watch with their friends for some nightly entertainment, others who came to study, and people passing through just grabbing some coffee.

The event went off flawlessly due to the ImPRessions team vigorously planning and marketing the event. Prior to the event the team was busy hanging fliers around campus getting the word out. The day of the variety show the account had a hot chocolate give-away also at Baker Center to promote the event and get people talking.

All their hard work seemed to really pull off a great show in the end. The account made it look effortless since the show went off without a hitch. The success of the show genuinely reflected all the behind the scenes publicity they did with a great turn out and an impressive show for everyone to see.

The whole program was recorded and AVW will be uploading clips later in the week so be keeping your eyes open if you missed out on attending last week! Until then check out the AVW YouTube channel.

College Book Store prepares to launch Sibs Weekend campaign

By Carly Damman                                                                                                                                                                    Associate, ImPRessions account

College Book Store is sponsoring Big Brothers Big Sisters during Sibs Weekend. PHOTO PROVIDED BY COLLEGE BOOK STORE

As the College Book Store account prepares for the brothers and sisters of Ohio University students to flood the streets of Athens this weekend, they are beginning to wrap up their Sibs Weekend campaign. The account has been hard at work this quarter designing fliers and t-shirts and coming up with creative ways to gain awareness for their event.

The College Book Store account will soon be asking local businesses to hang up a poster in their store front and if they agree their name will be listed as a sponsor on the College Book Store’s Website. Fliers will also be posted in residence halls. On Friday, the College Book Store team will be distributing fliers at the Convocation center to OU siblings as they arrive on the alumni association buses.

This week the account will be sending out a press release informing local businesses and organizations about the College Book Store event. Account executive, Alexis Sweet, comments on sending out the press release saying, “We will be making media follow-up calls to give our group some practice and make sure they are aware of our event.” The College Book Store account is giving their associates valuable experience by improving their communication and public relation skills, while also promoting their campaign.

On Saturday, the account plans on setting up a game outside College Book Store to attract OU students and their siblings to the store as they spend time uptown. They just have an idea but have not come up with the exact plan yet. The account will finalize their ideas during this week’s meeting. The College Book Store account awaits the success of the event and hopes all their hard work will pay off.

Scripps account utilizes social media to improve student communication

By Rebecca Reif                                                                                                                                                                 Associate, ImPRessions Account

The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism account presented to Scripps faculty at the 2010 Bush Seminar.

In an attempt to increase the number of applicants to the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism and to create more effective communication among current Scripps students, prospective students, and alumni, ImPRessions’ Scripps School of Journalism account has turned to social media for assistance.

The Scripps account wants to promote the idea that the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism is comprised of a lot more than just great professors and structured classes. Student-run organizations also make up a large part of the Scripps learning experience.

“I would say that after 5 p.m. Scripps is almost entirely run by students,” said Samantha Bartlett, Account Executive for ImPRessions’ E.W. Scripps School of Journalism account. This observation has helped the account come up with “Scripps After Dark,” a campaign that will highlight student-run organizations within the Scripps JSchool.

“I am astounded by the amount of energy and activity within the Scripps building after dark. The amount of students that are involved in different student-run organizations is really what makes our journalism school special,” said Dr. Robert Stewart, Director of the Scripps School of Journalism.

The Scripps After Dark campaign aims to utilize social media in order to publicize the efforts and accomplishments of different student-run organizations within Scripps.

“The social media phenomenon is really about sharing your experiences with others through the use of two-way communication. By utilizing Facebook to communicate with current and prospective students we are able to have a conversation- which is something that we can’t do with our website alone,” Stewart said.

Employing other forms of social media like Twitter, Wikipedia, and You Tube has also allowed the Scripps account to personalize relationships between students and the school itself.

Bartlett believes that the new campaign sheds positive light on the school. Bartlett said, “Having all of our social media run by students with the school’s approval shows that Scripps is stronger and more innovative than other schools in our field. We feel that our efforts show that Scripps is practicing what they preach to students– and that sends a powerful message.”

ImPRessions firm-wide meeting

ImPRessions and PRSSA memebers, please do not forget we are having a firm-wide meeting and social this Friday, Feb. 11 at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held at the South Pole under Nelson.

For ImPRessions members, we would like to invite each account to dress up to “embody their client.” As for PRSSA members that are non-ImPRessions participants, we welcome you to come as well and learn about our student-run PR firm. Also, please feel free to dress up as your favorite PR campaign/event to get into the spirit of the social and possibly win some prizes.

We will hear from our ImPRessions leadership and accounts. Our parent chapter PRSSA will also be joining us with a few words. There will be pizza and trivia followed by prizes. We hope everyone can make it. For more information see the invitation. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Update: Cardinal Health account spreads awareness about prescription drug abuse

By Jenny Chufar                                                                                                                                                                               Associate, ImPRessions account

The Cardinal Health ImPRessions account recently gained media attention for its GenerationRx campaign.  Startling facts about drug abuse and information about the GenerationRx campaign were featured in The Post on Jan. 25.

The campaign is an outreach program run by Cardinal Health, and its mission is to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drug use.  The program has come to Ohio University to help spread the knowledge to college students, who make up a large demographic of this rising problem.

Grace Naugle, Account executive of the account, said the Generation Rx campaign is set to go public during the week of Feb. 20 to March 4. As of now, the account is busy working  on making pamphlets, creating posters and participating in a variety of other activities to make the GenerationRx campaign a success at Ohio University.

ImPRessions would like to congratulate the Cardinal Health account team for being featured in The Post, and for all of the time and hard work they have been putting into the GenerationRx campaign.