Non-verbal communication helps to make good first imPRessions

By Jenny Chufar                                                                                                                                                                  Associate, ImPRessions Account

There are many types of non-verbal communication that an individual should be attentive to during a professional presentation, interviewing for a job and giving a speech.  These communication types can be broken down into the categories of appearances, gestures and facial expressions.

First, it is very important that a person pays attention to their appearance before engaging in a professional event.  How a person looks is just as important as what a person says.  For example, wearing professional attire conveys a message of professionalism and seriousness.  Every person should be sure to dress in nice clothes, such as a business suit or nice dress.  Don’t forget about the little details such as lint, stains or tears, which will subtract from the overall affect of your attire.  Likewise, be careful when accessorizing your outfit because gaudy sunglasses and inappropriate purses or pocket books may negatively represent you.

Second, every person unknowingly makes gestures during a professional event that communicates a message to the audience or interviewer.  Therefore these gestures must be carefully minded in order to ensure success.  Shaking hands is a great example of a gesture that will make or break an interview.  A handshake should be open and honest, implying that you are a true and respectful professional.  Be sure to greet everyone with a handshake and do so with energy and enthusiasm.  Ultimately, let your body language portray your professionalism. Stay calm and do not fidget or gesture too much. Avoid leaning back or appearing too relaxed.  Also, sit up straight to demonstrate your interest as to ensure that you are engaged with your prospective employer.

Expressions are also a crucial component of non-verbal communication.  Something like a smile can convey gratitude and generosity.  A smile can also show cooperation and understanding.  An honest full smile will express to your audience or interviewer that you are friendly, open, and interested in being involved with them. Making eye contact is of utmost importance in making a lasting impression.  Make good eye contact by looking in the eyes of your interviewer; this will communicate confidence and sincerity.  Conversely, frequently looking away suggests that you are not interested or that you are easily distracted.  Also, pay attention to your other facial expressions. For example, if your face reacts negatively when speaking of a former employer, this can speak volumes about your personality.   Instead, act genuinely gracious for your opportunities with all your interviewers.   In addition, be sure to show that you are listening by nodding your head and responding at appropriate times.

Your attire, gestures and facial expressions can help keep the attention of your audience and can either make or break an interview with a potential employer.  These three forms of expression are unspoken, but are very important in displaying a professional attitude.

Effective time management as a college student

By Carly Damman                                                                                                                                                                      Associate, ImPRessions Account

If there was one thing every college student wanted more of, it would be time. Juggling school work, extracurricular activities, a social life and perhaps a job can be overwhelming and stressful. With the help of a little technique called time management every college student can rest peacefully at night.

As a freshman wrapping up my first quarter of college, my time management skills helped me succeed. My first quarter as a Bobcat was stressful, exciting and rewarding. The time management skills I acquired in high school allowed for a smooth transition to college life. Here are some ways to help manage your time wisely:

1.       Prioritize: School work always comes first for me. Once I finish my homework for the day I can focus on extracurricular activities or make a trip to Ping. If there are too many tasks for one day, save the least important one for the next day. Having your priorities straight allow you to spend more time on the important things.

2.       Stay organized: After every class session I write down my homework for the night. After I complete that assignment, I cross it off and move on. I use my assignment book to organize my school work, but a planner also works well to plan out your entire day. The most effective strategy for me is to jot down my assignments and plan out the rest of the day in my head. Organization is a key to effective time management.

3.       Take breaks: Sitting in the library for hours on end can lead to poor quality work and less motivation. I usually stay in the library for a maximum of two hours to avoid information overload. Sometimes I will focus on one subject for an hour or so, head to Ping for a workout and then focus on another subject for an hour. Don’t cram. Schedule small study sessions throughout the week.

4.       Sleep, sleep, sleep: Most college students don’t get enough sleep. Sleep is one of the most important keys to managing your time wisely. Without adequate sleep you perform worse on exams, pay less attention in class and spend more time during the day napping rather than studying. I always make sure to get my 8 hours. My roommate knows that quite time begins at 12:00 a.m. sharp in our dorm room. Without a full night’s rest I am grumpy and have no energy or motivation. Good sleeping habits will lead to more time during the day to accomplish your goals.

Sometimes college students get caught up in social activities and the fun of being on your own, but it’s important to keep in mind the number one reason we all attend college: to receive an education. Keeping your priorities straight and avoiding procrastination will help any student succeed in college. Check out these web sites for more time management tips: 8 Time Management Skills for College Students, Managing your time and College Survival Skills.

December associate of the month

By Becca Reif                                                                                                                                                                         Associate, ImPRessions Account

Allison Jordan attributes much of her knowledge and passion for public relations as a product of the experiences she has had as an account associate in ImPRessions.

A sophomore public relations major in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Jordan first heard about ImPRessions during her freshman orientation and again during her Journalism 101 course. “I figured I should attend a couple of meetings to see what PR was all about,” she said.

Jordan is an account associate for the Bob Evans account. The account is currently focusing on planning family fun nights and partnering with high school booster clubs in order to promote the Bob Evans restaurant in Pickerington, OH. In addition to planning these events, Jordan has also had the chance to write press releases and create PR plans for her account. This is Jordan’s second year as a member of ImPRessions; and she said that “ImPRessions has taught me absolutely everything I know about public relations.”

Jordan is from Jackson Township, which is near the Akron, OH area. Some of her hobbies include: traveling, attending concerts, and spending time with friends.

Jordan sees an ambitious and adventurous future for herself. She said, “I foresee myself working in Chicago, Boston, or any large Mid-West/East Coast city and traveling…A LOT!”

Rebranding campaign asks students “What’s your Backdrop?”

By Hollie Amato                                                                                                                                                                         Account executive, Backdrop Magazine

The Backdrop team hopes the new logo will help widen the demographics of the magazine's reach.

The seasons are changing, and so is Backdrop. Whether it’s because of the new school year, or the new freshmen voices working with the magazine, Backdrop has rebranded the company with hope of further recognition.

The ladies of the Backdrop ImPRessions team recently sent out surveys to students of all ages throughout Ohio University’s campus. The survey asked basic questions: Have you heard of Backdrop Magazine? If yes, how have you heard of it? If no, what can we do to improve advertising? After collecting the information from 300 surveys, we found that our advertising needs improvement to spread to the whole student body. We also found that upperclassmen and students in the Scripps School of Journalism held the most knowledge of the magazine. Many underclassmen were not aware of the magazine, but did show interest in knowing more. That was one of our main goals, to create awareness and make students’ interest peak.

Another tip that Backdrop received from the surveys was to increase our advertisement. Backdrop magazine held a release party at the Union on Oct. 23, titled “Death By Music”. With performances by four different bands, all having different genres, the event pulled in many different groups of people.  The event was extremely successful and helped Backdrop get one step closer to where they want to be. The ImPRessions team is also working on new ways of advertising. Trying to get “in the students faces” without annoyance can be hard. Not only will Backdrop be hanging up and passing out fliers, but we’re going for something a little more extreme. Body stamps have been discussed during campus wide events. This way, the logo “b” from backdrop will be stamped on various students hands creating awareness of the magazine. Pens with the Backdrop label on them were also discussed.

Not only did Backdrop just release the Fall Issue of the magazine on Oct. 22, but they created a whole new look. Backdrops rebranding consisted of a completely new logo. The edgy and bold “backdrop” logo that was once ours is now transformed into a simple, classic and bold “b”. It may seem ineffective in words, but seeing the “b” around campus will make a huge statement.

The goal of the rebranding is to widen the demographics in which the magazine reaches. The magazine has been known for having a slightly narrow view. With the new logo the magazine is trying to promote diversity and make Backdrop a magazine for the entire campus. The Backdrop ImPRessions crew is currently working on a Backdrop awareness week. The goal is to advertise hard for Backdrop throughout an entire week. This will include ads in the post, press releases, Baker ads and more. On top of that our team will be hanging posters with the new “b” logo, passing out fliers and other promotional Backdrop items. Our team also plans on going around campus and making more students aware of Backdrop and the current changes. The slogan for the campaign ImPRessions put together is “What’s your backdrop?” and that is just what they plan on asking students.